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I just love the TRX, especially when we’re on the road.

It’s such a travel-friendly piece of equipment, and I love how it adds a little ‘fun factor’ to the whole staying-fit-on-the-road thing.

“Okay fine Stef, I’ll bite. What exactly is a TRX?”

The TRX, which stands for ‘Total-body Resistance eXercise‘, is a suspension training tool that uses your own body weight, especially the core, to whip you into shape. It’s basically two long  adjustable straps that you mount somewhere safe and sturdy at just above head level. Since pretty much every single thing you do on the TRX requires balance, it puts a whole new spin on the typical go-to exercises everybody and their sister are doing down the street at the gym. The TRX has “handles” that can be used for either your hands or feet, and it allows for a ton of unilateral and functional exercises that are hard to replicate using traditional weights. And this isn’t just for advanced exercisers either. The TRX is great for all ability levels, and that includes you seniors, too.

For travelers, the TRX gets even more bonus points. The TRX packs down to very small and is super portable, making it a perfect fit with the RV lifestyle. So, of course I love it!

Don’t have one yet? Here’s the TRX I recommend purchasing; CLICK HERE!!!

Okay, now I’ve got all THAT out of the way, let’s get to using it. In this video, I share an awesomely fun TRX workout. It’s not-yo-mama’s TRX exercises in my plan here either… these are more unique and interesting. In the video I’ll demonstrate both the challenging version of each exercise and also show a beginners and seniors version, too. So you’re all covered!!!


Make sure you do 12-15 reps of each exercise. You’ll circuit through the 5 exercises in the video three times through. And since I love y’all to pieces, I took the time to turn this one into another printable workout plan. Click the pic, print it out, shove it in your RV’s glovebox, and you’ll have no problem staying fit while traveling! Aren’t you glad you swung by?!?! A free and fabulous TRX workout plan!!! It’s better than Christmas!

Leave me some love down in the comments; and if you have any questions, those go down there, too. Have a blast with the workout, I sure do.  Rooting for y’all!

Love, Trainer Stef

Printable Workout Plan Here!!! (click the pic…)



Detailed Exercise Descriptions of the FitRV’s

TRX Suspension Trainer Workout:


Pacman Front Cross-Lunge and Squat Hold Combo Move:


Begin in a squat hold position, just like in the first pic, with your feet about hip-width apart. Hold that position for about 3 seconds. Make sure your hips are driven back, and your weight is more on your heels. Don’t lock out your elbows while in the squat hold position. Then, transition into the front cross-lunge by lunging your moving leg across the front of the other leg into a lunge, and PIVOTING on the ball of your planted foot (in the pic above that’s my right foot) so that your planted foot is pointed in the same direction as the lunge; which is diagonal to the TRX. That pivot is very important for protecting your knees, so make sure you master it. As you’re lunging, simultaneously open up the TRX by extending your outside arm upwards and your inside arm downwards (that’s where the Pacman name comes from; your arms are shaped like a little Pacman mouth!). This move works your entire body and will challenge your coordination, too.

Pushups into Calf Raise Exercise:


Perform a standard TRX incline pushup. To find your ideal pushup position, walk your feet backwards to make it more challenging. Beginners & seniors, walk your feet forward so you are more upright, making it less intense. Keep your body and spine aligned with no hip drop or flexion. Exhale as you’re straightening your arms. While arms are straight, perform a slow calf raise, ensuring you lift all the way to the top of your full range-of-motion. This will help improve the quality of your ankle mobility and your flexibility in the ankle joint as well… important to do as we age. Continue alternating between doing a pushup and doing a calf raise.

Side-Faced Back Lunge into Half Moon Lean:


Set the TRX for single-handle mode (demonstrated in video link above). Stand sideways to TRX with your feet together to begin, and with both hands on the single handle. Make sure OUTER hand is on top of inner hand, because outer hand is about to let go during phase 2 of the exercise. PHASE 1: Lunge your INSIDE leg backwards while simultaneously reaching the TRX forward until your arms straighten (pic 1). Return back to start position with your feet together and the TRX near your body. PHASE 2: Perform a Half Moon Lean by letting go of the TRX with your outer hand and reaching it towards the ground as you lean over sideways and allow your inside leg to lift (pic 2). Return to the start position with feet together again. All that completes one rep.

BEGINNER AND SENIOR VERSION: Hold both handles instead of single-only. Face the TRX, grasping it with a neutral grip. Perform a traditional TRX back lunge and then lift your leg out to the side. Continue alternating between the back lunge and the side leg lifts until you’ve completed all your reps, and then switch to the other side.

Single-Leg Squat into Warrior 3 Exercise:


Facing the TRX and grasping it with a neutral grip, hold one leg in front of you slightly off the ground. Lower down into a single leg squat, and then use your arms to row yourself back up, exhaling on the way up. Slowly flow right into the Warrior 3 position by reaching the handles forward, lowering your trunk, and extending your leg behind you (same leg that was raised in the single leg squat move). Don’t lock out the knee on your planted leg during the Warrior 3 phase. NOTE: The leg that’s up never touches the ground during the entire set. Complete all reps and then switch to the other side.

BEGINNER AND SENIOR VERSION: Replace the single-leg squat with a traditional TRX row with a neutral grip (see video). Both feet remain flat on the ground during the row phase. Then, alternate that with a hip extension. To perform a hip extension, you’ll lift one leg behind you while keeping your trunk more upright. It’s similar to the Warrior 3 position in the picture, only you don’t bend forward and you don’t need to lift your leg as high.

Triceps Extensions into Squat Jacks Exercise:

Grasp the TRX in an overhand position faced away, with your elbows bent and pointed forward (not out to the sides) and your body aligned with no bend at the hips (pic 1). To find your ideal foot placement, advanced, walk your feet back towards the TRX mount. Beginners and seniors, walk your feet forward to remove some of the intensity. Exhale as you straighten your arms, which in turn will raise your body more upright. Once your arms are straight, perform a squat jack by jumping your feet out to the sides and sinking into a wide squat position. Jump your feet closed to complete the squat jack. Arms remain straight, keeping tension on the straps, during the entire squat jack phase. Bend your elbows again to transition back into the triceps extension phase. That completes one rep.