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Welcome to the SECOND of three strength-building workouts in my Y.E.S. Fitness Plan! The Y.E.S. Fitness plan is an 8-week plan geared for beginners, older adults, or anyone just getting back into fitness.

How does the YES Fitness Plan work?

✔️ Each week, complete three strength workouts. The workout routine below is one of your 3 options. You’ll need a set of resistance bands and a way to mount them.

✔️ Also, complete 2 and a half hours of moderate-intensity cardio busted up however you wish (though make sure cardio sessions are at least 20 consecutive minutes). And by moderate intensity, you need to be going hard enough that talking is doable but takes some effort. Going by heart rate, you want your HR 50-60% higher than when it’s at rest.

Choosing How Many Sets & Reps To Do:

In the follow-along portion of the Workout #2 video below, you will do 2 sets and 10 reps of all 7 exercises. But! That’s only to get started. You’ll need to build on that if you want true fitness gains. Here’s how:

1.) Add a 3rd set. Once you’ve gone a couple weeks and if all is feeling okay, this is your ultimate goal, getting to 3 sets of every exercise.

2.) Increase to harder bands. To create a ‘training response’, you need to be working hard enough to stress your muscles. If the band you’re using isn’t challenging your current strength levels, then you’re not going to get any training response. So! When an exercise is feeling a little too easy, make it harder.

3) Increase the number of repetitions. Since we’re doing a few bodyweight exercises in this plan, increasing repetitions once they get easier is another way to add more challenge.

Ready to workout with me?! Here’s the Workout #2 video!


And if you’d rather work independently at your own pace without video guidance, well then I’ve got you covered for that, too. Below are descriptions to each of the exercises to guide you along.

The 7 Exercises in Workout #2

1: Rotating Reaches (See in video: 2:00)

Stand upright with good posture. Your feet are wide, and your toes are turned out. Bend your right knee as you rotate and reach your left arm over your right knee, and then repeat the move the other way to complete one rep. Drive your hips back, keep your weight on your heels, and don’t round your spine.

2: Hip Hinges (See in video: 2:50)

Step on your band, and if you can, have the handles detached. Grab the webbing below the handles. Switch hands that hold the bands so it’s making an X in front of you. Stand up tall with a tight core. Then, hinge your hips backwards, as if there’s a wall back there and you’re trying to get your glutes to touch it. Allow your knees to be soft—but this is not a squat! Your hips should be bending more than your knees. Keep a natural arch in your spine and allow absolutely no rounding. Squeeze your glutes and all your core muscles as you stand back up.

3: Squatted Row (See in video: 5:40)

Set your anchor mount on something low. Attach both handles and then back up from the anchor until there’s tension on the bands. Lower into a squat, and hold that squat for the entire set (weight on heels, hips driven back). With palms facing each other, exhale and begin slowly rowing. Each time you drive your elbows back, give an extra big squeeze back there, pulling your shoulder blades into your spine.

4: Sideways Squats w/Band Pull-Aparts (See in video: 7:00)

Double up your band and hold both ends horizontally in front of your chest with your palms down. Take a large squatting step sideways to the right, and as you do so, stretch the band apart laterally. Do this to the left as well, to complete one rep.

5: High Chest Press (See in video: 10:10)

Set your anchor low with both handles attached. Face away from the anchor and hold the handles at your shoulders with palms facing down so the bands are BELOW your forearms. Stand tall, exhale, and then extend your arms upwards at a diagonal.   

6: Split Squat w/ Hammer Curls (See in video: 11:10)

No handle needed. If you have any balance issues please hold on with your free hand! Loop the band under your forward foot, and then grab the webbing under the band’s handle (or lower down the band on the elastic) with the opposite hand in a neutral grip. Hold your split squat throughout the set, keeping your trunk upright, your chest up, and your core tight.  Make sure to do both sides.

7: Single Leg Balance: Toe Circles (See in video: 14:55)

Stand on one leg, with your core tight and upright posture. With your raised foot draw circles. Go in both directions!


AND that’s it! Let me know you have questions or feedback in the comments below. And if you’d like to go back to WORKOUT #1 in this series, CLICK HERE!

Rooting for ya;

❤️ Trainer Stef