About James


For some reason, I seem to get the glamorous jobs…

Hey there.  Stef is right, we didn’t set out to be RVers.  But we’ve been at this for several years now, and and over that time I’ve come to realize “the secret truth of RVs”…

It’s never finished.  There will always be some new RV gadget, modification, rebuild, change, repair, or upgrade that is on my mind waiting to be done.  One year, I completely gutted an RV and rebuilt it.  (It helps that I have a pretty well set-up furniture shop.)  You can see the gory details of that on the Das Bus page.  But alas, the week after I thought I had finished, the Camping World flyer arrived.  We all know how that goes.  Anyway, I hope I can use this space to share some of the modifications and tips that I’ve learned (mostly the hard way) with you.  These days, we’re rolling in a new Winnebago Travato – but I still can’t resist tinkering with it.

As far as fitness goes, I’ve been working out more or less continuously for the last 17 years or so.  Most of that time I was focused on old-school weightlifting.  During the winters, I also ski a lot (downhill), and I always do a 5k on Thanksgiving day  (23:06, before you ask).

But my biggest fitness endeavor is cycling.  In addition to being a USA Cycling Certified Coach, I also race (poorly).  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done athletically.  Seriously.  The years of upper body weightlifting are of no use at all in bike racing (in fact, upper body mass is a handicap).  I don’t do too badly in flat time trials though, and on one occasion, I won one.

Besides fitness, I’m also a pretty avid woodworker, and musician.  I play drums and bass guitar.  If you hear some background music on our videos, it’s just might be me. Oh yes and I still have what Stef likes to call a “pesky day job.” I work in software. Luckily, I work remotely.

Hope you enjoy the blog – Happy RVing!