About Stef


Stefany and James Adinaro Utah

We didn’t set out to become RVers.

It sort of snuck up on us.  We got tired of standing in long porta-potty lines before bicycling events , and decided we needed our own bathroom. I actually started the idea, I’ll admit it.  I told James, “We can probably get an old used conversion van with a bathroom for 3 grand!”  James got right on board with the idea.  We thought we were brilliant.  But fellow RVers, you all know the truth about the costs of Class B conversion vans.  We were a bit off on our math.  Add a zero to our original estimate, and we ended up with a sweet deal on Das Bus.  No more race day bathroom woes!  An expensive toilet, yes, but purchasing Das Bus was the start of something bigger for us.  It was then that we realized our traveling bathroom opened up all sorts of travel possibilities.  And here we are.

A quick background on me; I’m a University of Wisconsin–La Crosse alum.  Graduated with honors and an Exercise and Sport Science degree.  I spent the majority of my career teaching PE, Health, and graduate courses for a public university in their Special Physical Education department.  In a moment of clarity, I took a professional leap from the safety net of school teaching into my true passion….the fitness world. I’m currently a personal trainer and therapeutic exercise specialist at a rec center in Cottonwood Heights, UT, with a specialty in working with people with medical conditions and injuries.  Since it’s such a flexible job, it works great for RV road trips.

Tyler, my son, and his wife Anna have blessed me with two grandbabies: Amelia Jane (AKA Punky if you ask me, or Baby if you ask James), who was a 2010 Thanksgiving baby, and Eli (AKA Marshmallow or Leaf…he’s obsessed with “weaf bwowers”), who was born in May 2013.  James and I are grateful to have them living just down the road.  My youngest, Mackenzie, is a cosmetologist and she does hair at Liv Salon here in Salt Lake City. If you are ever RVing through Salt Lake City, stop in and see her! She’s got such a gift with hair, and I’m incredibly proud of her.

We love meeting fellow RVers and meeting up with our readers! We’d love to hear from you all, so keep those messages coming!

Health and Happiness, all!