About Our Partners

Regardless of what anyone tells you, running a website like TheFitRV is NOT a way to get rich. That’s just fine with us, because we view TheFitRV as a fun hobby and we leave the money-making to James’ day job (he works in the software industry) and Stef’s online coaching.  We avoid taking on sponsors (with the exception of free clothes) to help us ensure we keep TheFitRV fun for us, independent of outside influence, and pressure-free. That said, we do “partner” with various industry entities whether it be on single projects & deliverables (like leading seminars at various RV events & shows or doing short social media videos on RVing health tips) or more of an ongoing basis like the ones below. So, as you’ve probably noticed you’ll find no commercials around our website and our partner list is very short. We’re proud of that and plan to keep it that way.


Winnebago and National Park Foundation

Starting in March 2019, we embarked on a national parks tour on behalf of Winnebago and the National Park Foundation. Our goal is to visit and promote #parkslesstraveled in the Limited Edition National Park Foundation Travato through the end of the year. This van has been loaned to us, and in return each month we provide a video project related to the van and our time in the parks. Being the huge parks nerds we are, we’re so honored and excited to have this incredible opportunity! #Findyourpark everyone!!!





WinnebagoLife is a lifestyle blog sponsored by Winnebago. Not only do we sometimes write for the GoLife blog, but we also work as RV ambassadors for Winnebago on occasion… attending a few events each year on their behalf, sharing our experiences and talking “Travato”. And by the way, if you’d like to hear from even MORE Travato owners, I have a Facebook group filled with them: www.facebook.com/groups/Travatoowners. Hearing from us is one thing, hearing from thousands of owners is quite another! Some of the events we attend on behalf of Winnebago: Sea Otter Classic Bike Fest, Tampa RV Show, Winnebago’s annual rally called “GNR”, UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, and the Pomona RV Show.


Aventura Clothing

Aventura FitRV 250px logoStef here. If you’ve ever watched one of our videos and thought…wow, her outfit is cute, it was probably from Aventura! Aventura Clothing provides me with a few outfits each year, some for the summer season and some for the winter; and full disclosure, they don’t provide any monetary support, just clothes. Their clothes are comfortable with an active focus, which make them perfect for RVers or outdoor enthusiasts. I especially love that Aventura focuses on using organic and sustainable fibers wherever they can, creating a lighter eco footprint… and they’re incredibly passionate about this. Even better, their stuff is made in Fair Trade certified factories, which means the world to me. Check out their website, Aventura Clothing, and buy their stuff with confidence and my full endorsement.


Ecoths FitRV 250px logoJames here.  I still have T-shirts from 1992, so Stef is particularly glad that Ecōths has stepped up to provide me with a few outfits each year.  They make clothes that are stylish and outdoorsy.  That’s what Stef likes.  What I like are the features they build into their garments:  They sew eyeglass cleaners inside their shirt tails!  The material they use in their bottoms is super comfortable and has some flexibility for different sized physiques (like me, smaller waist, larger thighs; it’s that cycling thing). Genius!  And what we both like is that for every Ecōths garment purchased, three meals get provided to someone in need through their regional food bank.  My closet is pretty much exclusively Ecoths clothing at this point, so anything cool-looking you see me in is likely theirs. But I’m just not parting with my AC/DC t-shirt… Sorry Stef.


We like to describe GoRVing as sort of the “Got Milk” of the RV industry. It’s actually a coalition of RV manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers and campgrounds that works to promote RV travel through various media modalities. We partner with GoRVing on a variety of projects: Twitter parties, Instagram videos, articles, recipes, etc. We’re very proud of GoRVing for their work towards promoting healthful RV living, and are honored they find value in partnering with us, helping us spread the healthy RVing message.