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UPDATE: In the Spring of 2021, we sold our beloved Lance to a nice couple from New Jersey— and we purchased a Winnebago EKKO. Since Lance was such a special part of our FitRVing journey, we’re leaving this older post in our “About” section in his memory! 

10/2/2016:  Once again, we’re reviewing our own RV, and it’s probably long overdue!  We’ve had our Winnebago Travato, Lance, for over a year now.  But I kept stalling on doing an RV tour because I kept making additions and enhancements.  I wanted to wait until I was “done” to do a walkthrough video.

But Stef finally won out, and convinced me that I’d never be “done” tinkering with the RV.  So, off we went into the middle of the deepest forest we could find.  That’s where we shot this video, which we’re calling “The Tour de Lance”  (get it?):


To go through every little detail on the RV would make for a really long video that would probably bore a lot of people.  Plus, we’ve already written about a lot of the systems and modifications we’ve done.  So for those of you who are interested in the details, rather than rehash them in the video, I’ll give you this list of write-ups which will cover all the details you could possibly want.


And there are probably more posts with modifications and details that I don’t even remember right now.  Anyway, now that it’s done, I’m glad that Stef convinced me to go ahead with the RV tour.  It was time.

Hope you enjoy it!