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So far, I’m doing a pretty good job in getting these videos up in near-real-time, so here’s the third installment in the Fridge Replacement Video series:


This video is not nearly as dramatic as tearing things apart, but it needed to happen.  The new Nova Kool RFU 7300 will go all the way down to the floor of the van.  But in the previous design, there was about 6 inches (145 mm, actually) of dead space below the fridge that was filled with wires, cables, duct work, dropped screws, and sawdust.  This all needs to be cleared away so the new fridge can live there.

Not only does it need to be moved, it needs to be moved someplace that won’t restrict the cooling air flow to the new fridge.  The Nova Kool vents across the bottom and out the front.  This means I can’t just cram everything behind the fridge.  I need to keep a reasonable path for air to get down to the coils.  And this makes things… complicated.  The heavy welding cable for our inverter had to be disconnected, untangled, and reconnected.  the 120v Romex had to be moved and secured.  some 12v wires were so tangled, the only option was to cut them to untangle them, and then splice them back together.  It took almost a whole day to get it done to my satisfaction.

But I did, eventually, get it done.  With all of that out of the way, now I can turn my attention to building new cabinetry, which we’ll get to in Part 4.

See you later!