Upgrade Your Cassette Toilet to Porcelain with Twusch

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!!! Twusch Toilet Liner Contest Is Closed !!!

Our winner was Joe Ortiz.

You can find out all about it in our post.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and you can still get your liner directly from Twusch!



A few weeks back, I shared some of the cool products we found at Caravan Salon in Germany on our trip. One of them was a ceramic toilet bowl liner for cassette toilets called “Twusch“, and I wanted one. With a little digging, I was able to find them for sale up in Canada.  I ordered one (we paid full retail), and we install it and put it to the test in this video.


Swapping out a plastic toilet for a china one is a very common RV upgrade.  We even did it with our very first RV, Das Bus!  And once you’ve done it, it’s easy to see why.  Porcelain or china toilets are less prone to odors, and they rinse clean easier and with much less water than their plastic counterparts.  Unfortunately, the china toilet upgrade hasn’t been available to cassette toilet owners.  Casette toilets have all been plastic… Until now.

The Twusch is a thin porcelain liner, that’s shaped to exactly fit the contours of a Thetford cassette toilet.  There are several models of toilets, and each has a slightly different shape, so you’ll need to know the model of your toilet to make sure you get the correct liner.  For us in our Winnebago EKKO, that was a Thetford 220 series.  The shipping from Canada didn’t take long at all – we had it inside of a week.

The install, which you’ll see in the video, couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Clean toilet and outside of Twusch
  2. Drop in Twusch liner
  3. Silicone around the top gap to seal it up

That’s pretty much it.  We used it (like, seriously used it) for a week long trip and it lived up to the promise.  It really did leave us with a less smelly bowl, and we really did use less water when flushing. It only added about a pound of weight to our RV, so I really don’t see any negatives.

This is an easy mod that pretty much anyone could handle, so go for it!  You’ll be glad you did.


James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    89 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Cassette Toilet to Porcelain with Twusch

    1. Ravi Srinivasan

      Hi James – you are so thorough I’m sure you have already though about this. What about sealing the underside. Would liquid not splash back from cassette opening and be un-cleanable between the bowl and insert? Does it make sense to apply a thin silicone layer near the bottom of the insert hole before placement and top sealing?

      1. James - Post author

        I did think about that, but ultimately decided to leave it alone and install with one bead of silicone as per the directions.
        Reasons were:
        1. With the top sealed, air can’t escape there. So it’s not likely a large volume of water can get in that space (think of submerging an upside-down glass).
        2. If the space were sealed top and bottom, that would create a sealed little air pocket, which would try to expand and contract with changes in temperature. Don’t know what that would do.
        3. If I’m wrong and it is a problem, it would be fairly easy to break the silicone seal, remove the Twusch, clean it, and reinstall with silicone top and bottom.

    2. Thomas Greither

      Thank you so much what a great addition to our revel ,we love it .
      Thanks for all your great posts
      Love that washing machine too ,
      If you want any of the German RVs,i was thinking of buying a us made sprinter get plates and send it to Germany and get it converted there. Than you don’t have a problem getting it back into the us and then you can take a vacation through Europe too.

    3. Ricci Mulligan

      We miss our Natures Way and this would help us to get over our loss a great deal.
      Great find!
      Thetford C220 series. 2021 EKKO

      1. Matthew Day

        PIMP MY TOILET!!
        We have a 2020 Winnebago Revel with a Thetford 220. While the cassette toilet is generally great and one of the best features of the van not having a black tank, we would like to have one of these to cut down on smells, water use, and etching of the plastic bowl.
        Thanks FITRV.

    4. Jim McCrea

      PIMP MY TOILET — 2022 EKKO

      Some of James’ mods are over the top like the 20K project or the bathroom light switch. This one is just plain silly but I will watch the video because I watch all of them. Oh wait, this is not silly at all. I definitely need to do that mod. Thanks for figuring it out. Very much appreciated!

    5. Ian F


      Thetford C223-CS for my self-build.

      Definitely looks like a worthwhile upgrade. Did they contact you about this after seeing your video? Very cool of them, if so.

      1. James - Post author

        Yes, but not this video, our first video showing the product in Europe. We’re thankful to them for the giveaway!

    6. Frank Fowler

      A nice addition to be sure, but one of the most remarkable products, not new, but now marketed by Rust Oleum is “Never Wet”. It’s a two part hydrophobic coating that seems almost magical in the way it rejects wetting from every type of liquid, goo, and unspeakable foulness that drops into a toilet bowl. Water and solids just slide into the tank leaving nothing in the bowl. I think it would work well on James’ Americanizer.. and perhaps on the cassette spout.. and maybe even on the inside of the tank, if one could spray it properly. It leaves a haze.. and I don’t know how often it would have to be resprayed. Worth a try. Bowls stay utterly clean.

    7. Karyl McClellan

      Pimp my Toilet!
      (although I like Pimp my Potty!)
      we have 2023 EKKO.. Thetford C220 series. love it…
      and your telling me it can get better?
      yes! pimp it!

    8. Adam Shinbrot

      I hate to rain on the parade (or pee on your toilet), I really do, but as anyone who has ever caulked a bathtub can tell you, silicone is not impervious (or at least not impervious over time) to cracking and absorbing various icky things. I suppose the quality of the silicone you buy can make a difference, but I really feel the makers of the Twusch blew it. They really need an upper ring to fit over the small flat part of the toilet so liquids don’t touch the silicone seal.

      1. Stefany

        Well yes, silicone can fail over time. But just because caulk fails over time, doesn’t mean you don’t caulk in your bathroom… even at home! I know my home bathroom—and our RV bathroom too—is full of the stuff! Fortunately when it’s time, silicone caulk is easy to replace. 🙂

      2. Nadine (Twusch)

        Hi Adam,
        I am the owner of Twusch.com Ltd.
        I absolutely understand your concerns about the silicone. That’s why we are also offering the Twusch with an Installation Kit, which entails high quality silicone, which has been tested extensively in this environment and is also being used by companies like Boeing, Airbus or Bentley.
        It’s an option to purchase the Twusch incl. the installation Kit, but not a must. Buyers can decide for themselves if they’d like to purchase the more expensive option (with the silicone) or rather use their own.
        So far, there have been rarely any issues with any silicone. But if a buyer runs into any issues along the way, we’ll be happy to help and support along the way.
        We are also ALWAYS working on improvements. Stay tuned. 🙂

        1. ThomaAdren

          Can you pls explain how the water savings is achieved? ” With its unique design and the use of nano sealing, the Twusch can help to save up to 75% of water.” Are you suggesting since the bowl would be cleaner, you need less water to rinse any debris that would have previously been attached to the plastic surface that wouldn’t adhere to porcelain?

        2. James - Post author

          That’s exactly it – at least in our case. It takes much less water to rinse the bowl clean than it did with the plastic bowl. Things just don’t stick to the Twusch like they did to the plastic.

          (I haven’t measured the water savings personally, but it sure seems to take less.)

    9. Karen Barnett

      PIMP MY TOILET (I never imagined myself typing those words!). We have a 2023 Solis PX, so I believe our model is the Thetford C220. This insert sounds like a great addition, and I love the name!

    10. Cindy and Bruce Adair

      PIMP MY TOILET!!! It would be so great to have a Twusch for our Twuschies!!! Model Thetford 200865SP

    11. Kimberly Hedrick

      OMg I just went crazy when I saw this item on the German show YouTube review! I was so bummed it’s not available at all in the US . I would love the ease of cleaning the cassette with the insert

    12. Margarita Rodriguez

      PIMP MY TOILET!! I have the cassette toilet in my Solis 59p Thetford C220! Love the idea of the porcelain liner!

    13. Chris Rossetti

      PIMP MY TOILET Awesome video on a great product for cassette toilets! I am going to order one for my Ekko! I also have a 220 series Thetford.


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