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The giant RV shows, like the one in Pomona, aren’t the best places to do an in-depth review of an RV.  There are crowds, and getting the attention of the representatives to answer questions can be a challenge.  However, when we were at the California RV show recently, the Great West Vans rep made sure that we got everything we needed to do an up-close and personal review with the Legend EX that they had at the show (Thanks Tom!)

The Legend is a true Class B RV – it all fits inside the confines of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter van.  Great West Vans uses the Extended Body model of the van – this gives them an extra 16 inches of space to work with.  They fit a lot in to this space.  Some of the features I was impressed with were:

  • 4 AGM Batteries (approximately 440 amp hours by my estimation)
  • Large Inverter
  • Solar Power
  • K-cup coffee maker
  • Super cool microwave with broiler!
  • Large, 3-way refrigerator
  • Espar system on board

The batteries and large inverter will actually allow you to run the microwave and coffee maker (for short periods of time) without needing to hook up to shore power or run the generator!  They didn’t do away with propane entirely though – still using it for the cooktop, refrigerator, and generator – a choice I found interesting.

The level of fit and finish was great, and I appreciated the features in the van.  One thing that would hold us back from this one would be the lack of 4 season capability.  If that isn’t important to you (many folks just don’t want to head out in the winter), then you should seriously consider this RV if you are in the market for a Class B.  But Stef and I head out all winter long, so this would be an issue for us.

To be fair to Great West Vans though, they did indicate they would be willing to work with prospective owners to customize aspects of the build, and we appreciated this.  I imagine that modifications like removing the remaining carpet, or changing up the cabinets slightly are not a big issue.  But moving tanks and water lines to make it 4 season capable are probably bigger (and more expensive) changes.

Anyway, apart from that, we really liked the van, and we certainly appreciated the attention we got from the factory rep who was there.  I’ve completed our usual 47-point checklist and will be attaching it here.  Enjoy!

2014 Great West Van Legend Checklist