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One of the more interesting motor-homes we saw at the Pomona show recently was the new Winnebago Trend.  This is a new model built on the Dodge Ram Promaster chassis.  (Which is basically a Fiat Ducato.)  Fittingly enough, I thought the RV had a distinctly European feel inside.  There are curved cabinet doors, nicer hardware, and an interesting upholstery scheme that make it feel more upscale than the typical RV.

The one that was on display in Pomona was the 23L, which actually has 3 beds built into just 24 feet of space.  Wow.  One of the beds is what they call a “StudioLoft Bed”.  It drops down out of the ceiling!  This is a lot of sleeping space for just the two of us.  But if I were 10 years old again, man would I be excited to get to sleep in the loft.  (Oh, who am I kidding, I think it’s kind of cool now!)

With a height of just over 10 feet, and length of just 24, the marketers would call this a B+, but it’s technically a smaller class C.

I didn’t get to drive it, so I don’t have a feel for how it would handle – but it looked like it had quite a bit of overhang behind the rear wheels, so I might have to make some suspension enhancements to it.  But admittedly, that’s all just speculation.

I couldn’t do a detailed review on this one because it was way too popular, but I may be headed to a local Winnebago dealer in the near future to get more in depth with it.  Let me know if you want to see more of this one!