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Y’all know that electric RVs are the future, right?

It won’t be tomorrow, and it might not be next year, but in the future, it’s a pretty safe bet that RVs will someday go all-electric.  That means electric for all the house systems, AND electric for the drive system as well.  Winnebago knows this, and they don’t want to be caught on their back foot when that time comes.  So they’ve jumped ahead of the learning curve to build the eRV, their first ALL electric RV.


Nick and I go way back.  He once stuffed me into a trunk.  (True story.)  He’s now working with Winnebago’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG), which is absolutely the place I would want to work if I was working at Winnebago.  ATG’s charter is to explore new technologies to see how they might affect or be incorporated into future products.  And there’s no better way to learn what you don’t know about electric RVs than to build one – so that’s what they did.  The eRV is the result.

Now, please don’t call your dealer and ask them when you can get an eRV.  For now, you can consider the eRV as a kind of concept vehicle – something Winnebago has built as a learning exercise, and to judge public reaction.  There are currently no concrete plans to manufacture and sell the vehicle you see in the video.

But even though you can’t get one, it’s still interesting to watch and listen to the video and catch a glimpse of what the future of RVing might be like.