Winnebago’s Test Track vs. A Rental Car

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I think we saved the best for last with these “Winnebago Versus” videos.  We’ve been to other motorhome manufacturers, and while some of them will run a Sprinter through the mud, NONE of them have their own motorhome test track.  But Winnebago does!  And of course, we (OK… I) couldn’t resist taking our rental car down it as fast as I dared.


After driving our rental car down the track, I really had to wonder how they get some of their models through it.  I mean, some things like the “chatter bumps” I imagine most motorhomes could handle.  But that super-steep grade made me wonder how they could get a 40 foot diesel pusher over without high-centering.

But apparently they do, because I don’t imagine they built their test track just for me to play around on.  This is another way Winnebago tests things out in their efforts to build better motorhomes.  I’d like to think it’s how I’d go about it if I ran a motorhome company.

And since this is the last of our “Winnebago Versus” videos, I’d like to thank the folks at Winnebago for giving us a peek at their labs and for letting me basically run amok for the better part of a day.  We had a blast making these videos, and I hope you had fun watching them.


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