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Wow guys!!! Here’s a fun fact about me: Never have I ever witnessed any sort of solar eclipse in person before today. It’s even surprising to me, what with all the traveling and adventuring we’ve done over our lives. But nope, for various reasons, it’s just never been in the cards for me.

So when this annular eclipse rolled around, I was determined to earn my badge. Picking a viewing spot is always such a gamble—will the weather cooperate? Will it be too crowded? Will there be clouds? So we put a lot of time in coming up with our eclipse gameplan and settled on Otter Creek Reservoir in Utah—right smack dab in perfect range to see the Ring of Fire.

This video here shows us winning!


So now I can happily say I’m an experienced eclipser. I WAS hoping to watch the eclipse from the middle of the lake on our paddleboards, but! I wussed out on that once I stepped outside Number One’s door this am to the cold morning air. It’s warmed up now, so guess what’s next.

If you were out eclipse-viewing, hope the skies cooperated for you, too! If not, hope my little video here brings you some eclipse joy anyways.

Be well, all!

Love, Stef