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Hey all!

Real quick on this one. Just wanted to let y’all know James and I started a new Facebook group for cyclists who RV. YAYYYYYY!



Being a cycling enthusiast who RVs adds an extra layer of challenges: locating rides in unknown areas, transporting bikes, bike (and rig) safety, etc. James and I have long wanted to build a community of RVing cyclists so we can address issues and share solutions together.

Plus! The best rides are the ones we get to ride with locals. James and I are lucky to have so many contacts all over the nation, but other cyclists don’t  easily have that community to reach out to. So! This group hopefully can be a resource where cyclists on the road can meet up with locals and can get some epic riding in without having the hassle of figuring out the best rides in unknown territories themselves. 



So far, the group has mostly been doing introductions and  sharing their pics of their bikes and their RVs. It’s been a great combination of cyclists.. roadies, mtbers, gravellers, tandems, and recumbent!

James isn’t much of a “social media” guy, he writes under the pseudonym “Lance Travato.” But I have a feeling this is the group that’ll finally warm him up to interacting online in a social platform. He won’t be able to resist; it’s pretty much the only two things he talks about in life anyways, lol.




But do be warned, once you hit “Request To Join”, Facebook will send you a couple questions you have to answer before you can get in the group. Many people aren’t answering the questions so they aren’t getting in. Really need those answers so we know you’re legit!