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RV rallies. They’re such a weird thing.

It’s like summer camp all over again. Only you get to sleep in the same tent with boys!

James and I just rolled out of “BNR”, the rally I’ve been coordinating for the past many months of my life.

I’m now in this transition phase from being super busy planning the rally…. to attending the rally… to having nothing to do.

I suppose that’s how it goes with life. We jump from one chapter to the next. Out with the chapter titled “BNR” and in with the new one,  “Parky & the National Parks”!!!

I had two buddies who helped me coordinate, so I’ve got them to thank for keeping it from being a hot mess. Thanks Jenny and Terri… forever my A-team!

BNR lasted for 4 days and we even had vendors on-site:

Like Aluminess, who makes custom bumpers, storage solutions, and off-roading accessories!

And also like ZippNada! This family-run company was started by their sweet daughter and focuses on products that promote green living and making zero waste.

Besides the vendors, the rally was also jam-packed with fun events like night photography class!

Clearly I need some work on mine…

Plus nightly happy hours and sponsored food trucks for both dinner and morning coffees!

We had a couple group bike rides:

I led morning workout classes each morning:

There were van-related seminars going on all day long:

We had a Friday night stargazing party hosted by Zamp:

About 10 scopes from Phoenix Astronomical Society getting set up!!!

Plus there was a “Modfest” where mod tours were happening and people got to vote on their favorite mods.

Dennis here was one of the Modfest winners for taking out one of the twin beds and turning it into a dinette that converted back into a bed. (Remember our Das Bus?!?! Like that!!!)

So yep, lots of things happening at the rally, but besides all that… the best part of any rally is the chance to co-mingle and connect with other fellow van lovers.

It’s hard to describe the allure of RV rallies, but there’s something special that happens there. I’d almost say magical. And when it’s time to disperse and scatter in our separate ways, it never fails, I always find myself in this emotional place… missing the camaraderie and bonds. It’s sort of the same feeling as when you drive away from seeing your long distance family. Because in some weird way these strangers become family.

These are my people, right here.

So, next time you’re reading a post here and I tell you to sign up for a rally I’m hosting; JUST DO IT!

I’m pretty sure the BNR attendees will back me up here! Hey any attendees reading this, sound off below and let’s hear your take on BNR!!!