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If you were to talk to Stef, she would tell you that I spend every spare minute in the shop, working on the shop, or obsessing over details of the shop.  Nothing could be further from the truth, as evidenced by the fact that it took me !!!THREE AND A HALF MONTHS!!! to make enough progress to put together this next video.  Clearly, if I was as shop-obsessed as Stef claims, I would have gotten this video done much sooner.


So between this video and the last, there have been cycling festivals in California, high-country adventures in Colorado, and a not-so-little rally in Iowa.  But I AM closing in on what I would call “substantially complete.”  We’ll get there in the next and final video.

So what do I get done in this video?  Lots, actually. I got the cabinets finished, ALL of the electrical work finished, the garage doors reworked, my metalwork station finished up, storage worked out for my finishing supplies, and – most impressively – I got that 40 foot beam and all three 8 inch posts wrapped with wood to resemble actual wooden structures.  They’re not perfect, but you’d have to take a good look to tell that they’re hollow.

So what’s next?  I’ve got four main projects left to go before I call it complete.

  1. I need to build a new table for my drill press.  I already have all the supplies, so that will probably go first.
  2. I need to run compressed air distribution piping throughout the shop.
  3. I need to run the dust collection piping and semi-permanently mount it in the shop.
  4. I need to build doors for that big closet with the loud equipment.
  5. I really want a nice stool in the shop.

OK, so that’s 5 and not 4.  And that last one is probably something I’ll buy, and not build.  But still, I want a nice place to sit and chill.   I keep seeing the same 3 stools on Amazon, and I don’t like any of them.  I want something with a back, that swivels, with no wheels, and it should probably be red.  Or Fit RV Yellow.  If you have any suggestions for a shop stool, sound off in the comments below.

Until next time!