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Hiya, friends!

I know James shared with y’all we’d be hitting the Hershey Show, and I quickly wanted to make you aware of how to catch up with us if you’re going to be at the show. Our big event is this one:




We’ll be around the show likely all day on Friday before this event, doing what the rest of you are doing… nerding out on RVs all over the show grounds. So perhaps you’ll see us wandering; and if you do please come say hi! We love when y’all spot us at shows and we get a chance to meet.


Our plan for Saturday is to be at the Winnebago Campervan display (Booth B2 apparently) between 1:30 – 3pm for informal meet & greets, so hopefully you can keep that in mind and try to swing by within those times! And if you get there and we’re talking to people (we will be), please don’t be shy about coming over and introducing yourself… seriously! We want to meet everyone; and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people standing off in the fringe clearly waiting for a quick hello, but then they give up because they didn’t want to interrupt. I’m telling you now gang… INTERRUPT! I’ll be sad if I see you walk away.


We’ve got Mel staying with a new cat sitter during our Hershey RV Show trip. Gulp! They’re a super sweet family with 3 kids under 11, and with a sweet older dog! I’m wondering if the poor dog will be Mel’s replacement sneak-attackee since I won’t be around to be sneak-attacked. Oish.

We had our former cat sitter for as long as we’ve had Mel; almost 2 years now. She was like family to us and to Mel! We’ve moved recently, so we no longer have her. She was hilarious; loved buying Mel clothes and surprising us with Mel silly shirts when we arrived. On his birthday she sent us a picture of Mel in a party hat complete with balloons and a huge can of salmon. If ever any of you find yourselves in need of a pet sitter while in the Salt Lake City area get a hold of me. Boy do I have the lady for you!

So anyways, we’re both a little nervous about leaving Mel in a new setting (please Mel don’t climb their walls!!!) and hoping they’ll love Mel as much as we do. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed all goes well. 


Hope To See You in Hershey!

While the weather’s looking pretty iffy at the moment, let’s all send good vibes that Mother Nature cooperates (at least during show hours?). Looking forward to seeing you there; and hopefully NOT under an umbrella!


xoxo, Stef