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I had a really cool project I had hoped to get complete this weekend, but it didn’t happen.  I’m just going to say we’ve run into technical difficulties and leave it at that.  Maybe it will happen in the future, and maybe not.

But, rather than just sulk and leave all the un-edited footage to gather digital dust, I thought I’d update you on the two projects I DID complete this weekend.  These are actually projects I wouldn’t have otherwise written about: the B-team.  But since my original idea was a bust, that’s what you get this week.  Leftovers.

Induction Cooktop Complete


If you saw our Propane vs. Induction Boil-Off, you know that our induction cook top pretty much blew the pants off the propane stove.  Since that time, the propane stove’s days were numbered.  Well, this weekend, I finally made it official, and we’re now rocking the new quartz counter top you see there with the True Induction cooktop mounted in it.

This process actually started way back in September, when we made a trip to Aspen Countertops, here in Salt Lake City, to pick out quartz and make arrangements to have the counter built.  The price we were quoted was very reasonable, and we’re happy to report there were no overages (Thumbs Up Aspen!).  We might have had the counter top done much sooner, but we took off on a month long RV trek down the Pacific coast – the final hurrah for our propane stove.

When we got back, it was time to get to work.  We made an appointment for “templating”, but I had a feeling that it would be easier to just leave the original counter top with them.  So before our appointment, I removed the sink, the propane stove, and the countertop.  And when I say I removed the propane stove, I mean I removed the propane all the way under the van and capped it off there.


When we got to Aspen, they came out to make a template, but they were unsure how to go about mounting the new quartz.


Since I had already removed it, I was just able to hand the old top over to them and let them figure it out on their own time.  This left me with this empty counter gash for a couple of weeks.  But I used that time to install the 110 volt outlet the induction cooktop will need.


Aspen offered to install the new counter top for me, but if you know me, you know I just thanked them and did it myself.


The Class B Manufacturer List Update

I also made my annual update to our Class B Manufacturer List.  It seems like I get the itch every November – maybe it’s the start of RV Show season that does it.  This list is actually one of the most popular resources on our site, so I like to keep it current.  Here are the changes I made to it for this year:

  • I removed Great West Vans – R.I.P
  • I removed Leisure Travel Vans – We still love ’em, but they don’t make Class Bs anymore.
  • I cleaned up the entries for Hymer and Roadtrek – they’re still listed separately for now, but that may change.
  • I added Regency RV  – Makers of the Concept One
  • I added Chinook  – They’re back!  And they’re B!
  • I added Morehead Design Lab – a kind of quirky independent with some really neat design ideas


So there you have it.  Sorry about the B-team updates this week, but my A-list item struck out.  I have an interesting road trip planned for this week with a hopefully awesome modification.  Fingers crossed.