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Happy Saturday, Fit RVers! We just got back from Camping World, and James is outside on a ladder futzing with the RV air conditioner…yet another attempt at killing a rattle.  He gripes and complains about the never ending RV projects, but I am totally on to him.  He loves every minute he spends hammering on the RV.


Me, I’m working on the Index Cards of Fun for our upcoming trip.  We’ve nailed down our route…Oregon and Washington, here we come!  We’ve actually got a theme for this one: VOLCANOES! Everywhere we visit there’ll be a volcano or two to check out.  Cool, huh?

James and I get pretty thorough with our trip planning.  We even go so far as to create binders for each trip we take.  It takes us weeks to create our binders, but it makes each trip run smooth like butter.  No, like lava! From the meal plans, the campground reservations, the supply stops, the index cards of fun… they’re all found in the binder.  Every day is pretty much mapped out for us.  Who wants to think on trip, after all?  NOT ME!  We’ve got this camping thing down to a science.


Here’s one of our binders from a past trip; aren’t we clever!

Here’s where we’ll be going during the upcoming FitRV Volcano Trip of Fun:

Lassen Volcanic Park:

We have reservations at a KOA near the park. So far on the index cards of fun, I’ve got:

a) bubbly clay pots at Bumpass Hell

b) moonwalking inside Cinder Cone volcano

Bumpass Hell is supposed to have some pretty amazing hydrothermal features and is not to be missed.  But I’ll be sticking to the trail.  I’ve read way too many horror stories about people stepping off only to bury their leg in boiling mud.  I like my leg attached to my body, thank you.  Cinder Cone Volcano has a trail that takes you right into the crater!  People say they feel like they’re on another planet once in the crater.  I can’t wait to try it… and I’m not going to THINK about my, umm, well let’s just say my “issues” with heights.  I want in that crater so dang bad I plan to suck it up for the day.  Enough said.

Mt. Shasta: 

We found a really cool resort to stay at, Railroad Park Resort.  They’ve converted old boxcars into overnight lodging, how neat is that?!  They also have a few RV spots, so that’s where Das Bus will be.  Here are my index cards of fun for Mt. Shasta:

a) long bike ride up the mountain road

b) find aliens and Lemurian spirits and take photos to become rich & famous

c) buy magic crystals in Mount Shasta City

For some local Native Americans, Mt. Shasta is believed to be the center of creation.  There’s a cool legend about it.  Apparently the Great Spirit used the mountain to step down to Earth from the heavens.  From there the story loses me.  His daughter fell from the mountain and was raised by grizzly bears.  Apparently, she, uh, mated with one of the bears and had a boatload of little grizzly-kids… the first humans.  Dad was NOT happy and punished them.  But here’s where I’m having trouble buying in.  If he was so “Great,” why couldn’t he have picked his daughter up when she fell from the mountain?  Why’d he abandon her to the bears?  Dude needs some parenting classes, methinks.

New Agers believe Mt. Shasta is one of the Seven Sacred Mountains of the World.  Did you know UFO’s like to land there?  No, really, it’s true!  I found it online, so it HAS to be true.  To New Agers, Mt. Shasta is a source of cosmic power, a spot radiating peace and harmony into the world.  I could use a little of that, for sure.  I can’t wait to go soak up some cosmic peace and harmony.

There was a reference to “Lemurs” in a show I love to watch, Once Upon a Time… and they weren’t referring to the cute little Madagascar primates.  There’s another type of Lemur.  Or Lemurians, to be more precise.  I had never heard about these super-humans before, and had to look them up after the show to figure out what the heck they were.  Once again, in planning the index cards of fun for Mt. Shasta, I’ve come across them!  Lemurians are humans who are SO incredibly advanced, they can change themselves from their material form to a spiritual form at will.  Turns out they live on Mt. Shasta, ever since they were forced to abandon their original homeland, Lemuria, a lost continent that was destroyed by… (wait for it…) VOLCANOES!  Hopefully, I’ll get to meet one or two and can let you know how it goes.

That’s all the further I’ve gotten on the index cards of fun.  Our next stop on the volcano tour is Crater Lake, so that’s what I’ll be planning next.  Of course, a volcano tour isn’t complete without stops at Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainer as well.  I’ve got a lot of index cards to create, better get back to it!

Oh!  And if any of you have any suggestions on things to do for my index cards of fun, I’d love to hear from you!