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Hey, Gang! I didn’t want everyone to think I’d “gone dark”, so here’s a quick update on some of the tinkering I’ve been up to lately. Neither of these projects is finished, so they’re not ready for prime-time posts yet. Regardless, here’s the in-progress scoop.


Project 1: Window Covering for the Slider Door

First off, yes, we still have the fabric rectangle that Winnebago provided that attaches with magnets.  It works fine, and we’re keeping it around.  Most likely, it will see use again in the winter.  But after working out shades for the back windows, we’re sold on the idea of not having to carry and store something separate.


Standard Travato Window Covering

Not bad. But I think I can do better…

Working out window coverings for the slider door has been tricky. Over the last several months, I’ve mentally tried out a number of approaches.  The curve in the window corners presents a problem with any straight shade, like the pleated shades we had installed in Das Bus.


RV Cherry Window Frames

Solid cherry frame in our old RV. Nice, but time consuming, and only workable in certain situations.

I thought about building up a big frame around the window like I had then, but with the door latch mechanism in the lower left corner, it got… complicated.  The MCD shades wouldn’t work either.  First off, since at least one side of them has to be straight, the corners were also a problem there.  And then, there’s the screen door, which actually covers up a good bit of the slider window when closed.

So, I started looking at other RVs built on the ProMaster.  None of the other ones have as big of a window in that sliding door as Winnebago provides.  But the other pictures I found all used curtains.  Eventually, I settled on a way to make the curtains work.  I’m about half way done with this one.  First, I ordered up some ceiling mount curtain track, and mounted it on the top and bottom of the indentation for the slider window.  Like this:


Travato Curtain Track

Simply drilled and screwed to the metal of the door.

Then I made a prototype out of an old junky fleece blanket that we had lying around.  I pinned the curtain hangers to it, and when it’s threaded on the track, it looks like this.


Travato Sliding Curtain Prototype

I know the top has flopped down to show the attachments. But hey, it’s just a prototype!

I plan to use magnets to hold the corners and sides in place, as you can see in the picture.  I’m not too worried about the top of the curtain drooping down – I’ll be using a much stiffer material on the real ones.  When it’s retracted, it takes up a little bit of space by the screen, like this:


Travato Sliding Curtain Stored

May come up with a tie, or some other place to use magnets to hold this open.

Now, all I have to do is find someone to sew up the curtains according to my “pattern”, including sewing the magnets in, and we should be good. I’m annoyed at myself that I never mastered sewing. Wish I could do this step myself. Perhaps it’s time to learn a new skill…


Project 2: I’m REALLY Sick of the Blast of Cold Water in the Shower

Well, that title pretty much says it all.  In our Travato, when you use the water shut-off switch on the shower head, it does two extremely annoying things.

  1. It stores up what seems like gallons of ice cold water to shock you when you forget and turn it back on.
  2. It leaks so much you actually wonder if it’s broken.

I am determined to fix both of these problems.  I’ve been working at this for two weeks already, shooting video, getting stumped, having busted parts, starting again, etc.  I don’t want to give away too much of the video – because I’m STILL working on it – but I can promise you there will be lots of this:

Travato Under Bathroom Cabinet

He’s going in!

Some of this:

Travato Hot Water Pressure

Measuring pressure at the shower hose.

And even a little bit of this:

Buying More Plumbing Parts

Don’t ask…

I WILL get this problem solved.  I’ve ordered what I hope will be the LAST parts I need to pull this off.  Not going to say any more than that right now, but I’ll be hopefully finishing up the video on my shower project next week.

So there you go! Now you’re all caught up on the latest RV projects that have been keeping me up at night. Next time I write about them, you can be sure I’ll have them in the bag. Because, yeah, while Stef loves to tease me relentlessly about my “OCD” nature, that’s one (of millions) of the good things about it. I won’t quit on a problem until it’s solved.