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Gang, I have a favor to ask! A young friend of our family, Garrett, is working on a business plan because he’d like to start his own RV Mobile Detailing business. He’s seeking feedback from RV owners about their RV washing practices… so do you wash yourself, go to Blue Beacon, hire someone who comes to your driveway, etc.

He’s collecting research on a Google form, and he doesn’t want your name or email… nothing. You’ll never hear from him again, I promise. So, would you mind filling out this form with your feedback? It takes less than a minute, and your answers are going to help him shape how he moves forward building his business.

Garrett actually does own a travel trailer so he’s already an RV enthusiast with experience himself. We’re proud of him for doing this right; researching first, creating a plan, and then determining how to proceed. So thanks everyone for helping us support Garrett and his exciting new endeavor!

Click the pic to go to the Google Form and fill it out!