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Happy January! If you’ve been following our Facebook or Instagram, you know we’re right now immersed in some scenery that looks like THIS:


But NEXT week, it’s gonna look more like THIS!!!



We’re going to the Florida RV SuperShow! If you’re planning to be there, we’d love to see you! We’re hosting a Meet & Greet event in the Winnebago display along with our old friends Heath and Alyssa Padgett from “The RV Entrepreneur“, and we hope you’ll swing in!



Seriously, we do hope we get the chance to meet you. It’s what keeps us energized and loving this FitRV thing we do!

Ready or not sunshine and flip flops, HERE WE COME! (…after we thaw out and get out of all our coats and layers, that is…)



Whether you’re in flip flops or snow boots, Happy Winter, all!

xo, Stef (and James!!!)