Which T-Shirt Graphic Do You Like?

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Okay, gang we’re pulling you in to our family feud.


James and I have never done FitRV t-shirts before and have always wanted to… so we’re SUPER excited we’re almost ready to release our very first one! Trouble is, we’ve been going round and round about these 2 designs. I prefer one, him the other. If you know us at all, it’s not much of a mystery who prefers which:


These are pretty much the same design, only difference is Option 2 below has the graphic inside a bicycle wheel:



We’ve posted these 2 designs to both our Facebook and Instagram and got loads of great feedback, but we’re well aware many of you are anti-social-mediaists so wanted to hear your feedback here, too.

A little background on the design. We started coming up with the design this summer with the t-shirt company directly. I shared those rough drafts with an artist friend and Travato buddy Vanessa, who flat out said she didn’t really like them, and instead she sent me a few sketches she felt captured our FitRV thing better. Do I have cool friends or what?!?!

From there, one of those serendipitous timing things happened, and I found myself communicating with Humberto Gunn (from AdventureGunn), a professional graphics designer and yet another Travato owner on another matter, and happened to mention we were working on t-shirts. His interest was piqued, and he started giving us some free advice on creating graphics. We loved his tips and ended up asking him if he’d take on our project. It seemed perfect, a fellow Travato owner and a talented graphics designer, who better?!? Humberto was great; he has this whole process he takes customers through. It’s sort of a combination of going to the eye doctor and marriage counselor.

“Do you like “1” or “2” better. Two? Okay then do you like “2” or “3” better. Now James, I think she has a valid point we should consider…”

…along those lines. In the end, he brought us to the 2 images you see up above and now we’re stuck!

So let’s hear your feedback on these; we haven’t committed to anything yet. Really excited to hear from y’all because, well, you’re our FitRV fam! Who better to help us pick our shirts than the ones who’ve kept us here all these years in the first place.

We hope to have them for sale starting Nov 1st but it’s a LIMITED TIME CAMPAIGN! Shirts will sell for 3 weeks then they’re gone forever. So make sure you come back and see what the finished product turns out to be! I can’t wait to see myself!



After 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and the University level in Special Physical Education, Stef made the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach specializing in seniors, medical conditions, and injuries. Stef loves running, cycling, and being “Mugga” to her two favorite mini-humans — Punky and Marshmallow. ❤️

    38 thoughts on “Which T-Shirt Graphic Do You Like?

    1. Rocky

      Glad you picked number 1. For what it is worth, at first glance of number 2, I wondered why you put your logo on a dart board. Took me a minute to realize it was a bicycle wheel.

    2. JL

      Yup, definitely Number 1.

      As someone who worked in a creative field and approved designs, if I might suggest a few tweaks to further strengthen the Open Design:

      Mountains: Remove all internal lines/details, except those necessary to separate yellow accent color from T-shirt color. (The Stef silhouette, especially, would look better against a solid yellow background, rather than having lines coming out of her head and butt.)

      Birds: Keep only the upper 3. Cleaner and bolder.

      It looks like there are words under the mountains. What do they say?

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Hey thanks for the design feedback! We can’t go back at this point on design for this run, but I’m making note for future designs, appreciate it JL! Oh and words say, “Keeping you and your RV on the road” as well as an “est. 2010” at the very bottom. 🙂

    3. Doug

      Sorry James, Option 1 for sure! Normally we guys need to stick together, but Stefany is right on this one. Just remember…happy wife, happy life!

    4. Tom cahill

      I didn’t look at what one either of iyou were advocating for (although I have my suspicions) but I vote for # 1

    5. Merry

      My vote is for No. 1. It has an open look. I am a road bike rider and at first glance I didnt’ think No. 2 was a bike wheel but possibly a Ferris wheel.

    6. Mike Fisher

      KpPiper….James always remember this….Heaven knows no fury like a woman scorned and a Happy wife makes for you a happy life…catch my drift pal/ ha! Ya just love living on the edge sir…God love ya laddie!
      < Fish <

    7. Neal

      Number 1 is the winner. Like the open feel and the Mt’s stand out more. Please consider a different color for the t-shirt

    8. Alain

      Sorry Stef, but James is my cycling guru so I have to go with number 2.

      I hope they will be made with some sporting material (I can see Stef in Zen organic cotton, but a rocket scientist needs the high tech stuff).

      And if I could get one with a cherry red RV to match mine…He He.

    9. Erica Hammer

      Don’t like the wheel. Too “busy” looking. Plus there are more ways to exercise and stay fit besides biking. Emphasizing biking is too limited.

    10. Mike

      LOVE LOVE the first design by Stef. I’m a mountain biker but still prefer the design without the wheel. It’s perfect. Why mess with a great thing?

    11. Sarah Wynde

      I like the top one better, but that’s because I don’t ride a bike and so the bike wheel to me didn’t click as a bike wheel — it was just a lot of cluttered lines. If you’re trying to appeal to mainly bike people, though, they’ll probably get it.


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