You’re Invited to James’ 50th Birthday Cycling Extravaganza!

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I’ve never come out publicly and said it before, but here goes.

“I’m married to, and madly in love with, a total nutjob.”

There he is. The lunatic himself.

It’s true. I’ve even got proof.

James’ 50th birthday (February 23rd 2018) has long been looming in front of us. And when I say long been looming, I mean he’s long been talking about this big day for YEARS. Not that he’s dreading it or anything, oh heck no. He’s been excitedly holding it over my head as a day that we MUST. DO. SOMETHING. EPIC. And since it’s HIS big day, it falls on me to plan this once-in-a-lifetime event, or so he tells me.

And now here’s the nutjob part.

You know what one of James’ fantasy 50th birthday events is?

Being an “extra” in a Bollywood movie dance scene.

I kid you not, that’s his big dream.

Just so you see what I’ve been dealing with; here’s a pic I got with this note: “Working on my moves for my big screen debut.”

To be clear, he has no dancing skills WHATSOEVER. This all stems from a local restaurant near us called “Ganesh.” They have TVs set up around the restaurant, and they play DVDs of Bollywood dance numbers. Not the whole movie, just the singing and dancing bits. Every time we eat there, James has his neck craned 90 degrees, totally engrossed by the jerking, gyrating, perfectly choreographed colorful spectacle coming from the screen as he laps up his coconut korma.

Someone clearly has too much time on his hands…

I’ve actually gone so far as googling it, “how to be an extra in a Bollywood movie”.  Go ahead if you’re curious, try it.  Turns out it’s actually a “thing”.  Basically, you get yourself to Mumbai and you hang out in the backpacker hangouts. From there, you wait. If you’re lucky, the “casting agents” who scout around the backpacker hangouts will spot your beauty and exotic looks, and then they’ll load you up in a car and whisk you away to the Bollywood set. Either that, or you’ll get in the car and your face will end up on a Missing Persons sign…posted right there on the Colaba Causeway, directly under a poster advertising the next hot Bollywood movie release. Sort of a twisted Karma thing.

“Let’s hang out here all day and hope we get scouted for a movie! Yay!”

So when I realized that dream was dead, I decided I couldn’t quite tell him. Really, he’s been talking about this Bollywood-extra dream for YEARS!!! I still haven’t told him it’s never gonna happen. I don’t want to be forever known as the Murderer of his Dreams. So! I pulled out my most effective behavioral strategy back from my teaching days; “redirection.”

You see, being a Bollywood extra isn’t the ONLY dream James has for his 50th birthday. The other one was doing some challenging road-bike rides overseas. Now THIS is less nutty and something I can arrange! So I’ve been spending the year ignoring his Bollywood dream whenever it comes up, and I redirect the conversation to talking about doing some epic cycling-in-Europe.

Not Europe! Colorado, actually. Me: “Honey hold Lucy so I can take a pic of you!” And no it wasn’t a ploy for me to take another glamour shot of Lucy, jeez.

Y’all know we’re big fans of Trek, and we both got new Trek road bikes with custom paint this summer so they match Lance (bike dorks and proud of it), remember? Well, Trek also has a cycling tour company called “Trek Travel.” They do a wide variety of cycling tours all over the world, and they have a reputation as one of the best cycling tour operators around. So! I perused their schedule and found a week long ride camp in Mallorca (one of Spain’s Islands in the Mediterranean) happening right over James’ birthday! SO PERFECT!

I JUST officially paid and booked us at that ride camp, so it’s official.

GANG! We’re going cycling in Mallorca for James’ 50th OMG!!!!

James knows, and is thrilled…phew! No mention from him of the Bollywood thing, fingers crossed the ride camp keeps him distracted. Let’s just not breathe a word about Bollywood to him, deal?

Another glamour shot of Lucy and me…I mean James and me!!!

Anyways, I’m telling you this because I think it would be so cool if any of our FitRV readers who are cycling enthusiasts wanted to sign up and join us on this terrific Trek Travel tour (ah alliteration awesomeness!).

You’re Invited on James’ Mallorca Cycling Birthday Trip!


We’re booked on the 7-day tour beginning on 02/18/2018, and we’ll be lodging at Monnaber Nou Eco Hotel and Spa for the whole trip, which looks amazing.

We’ve never been to Mallorca, but we know people who have and everyone seems to agree it’s an incredible destination. Mallorca’s known for beach resorts, limestone mountains, beautiful scenery, and even some ancient Roman and Moorish history I’m looking forward to investigating.

I should warn you, this cycling trip isn’t the toodling-about kind, it’s the hard kind of cycling and it’s not for beginners. The rides vary from 30-70 miles per day, and you can go as fast or slow as you please so that’s nice, especially since there’s tons of climbing. One of the rides has 7,000 feet of climbing, and there’s an option for a more intense ride doing 9270 feet of climbing another day. I think I’ll pass on that one. James won’t though. But that’s because he’s a nutjob, as we’ve established previously.

Anyways, I seriously hope you’ll consider. James would be tickled if anyone joined us and was along to celebrate his big day, as would I. Plus then if I end up bailing on a ride to hang out at the spa in our hotel one day, I’d feel less guilty, heh heh.

Does this sound like a way better plan than hanging out in Mumbai cafes hoping to be abducted or what?


After 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and the University level in Special Physical Education, Stef made the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach specializing in seniors, medical conditions, and injuries. Stef loves running, cycling, and being “Mugga” to her two favorite mini-humans — Punky and Marshmallow. ❤️

    39 thoughts on “You’re Invited to James’ 50th Birthday Cycling Extravaganza!

    1. Indy Cyclist

      Great job on positing your rides on Stava! Stop by Indianapolis and join me at the Advance Cycling Training class at the Y. 90 minutes of great group training. Just drive Lance over and bring your great cycling spirit and be ready to have some fun. Oh, thanks for friending me on Strava too.
      Bruce M

      1. Stefany - Post author

        This would totally count for the Binder of Fun! Although hopefully they have cycling taxis on that trail to act as DBs? (designated bikers)?!?!?

    2. Ron Cook

      Our 1st was a Trek Travel Ride Camp to Solvang a number of years ago and loved it. Pumped from this booked Mallorca Ride Camp and my wife, a month before, trips going down stairs in the dark to turn on morning coffee, does a kung foo kick to the stair post and comes out of it with a broken toe. Consolation was a fall trip to a Trek Zion/Bryce Bike Tour. Have to say the bike camp for the money was way better if serious road riding is your thing. Would love to have made it to Mallorca but just booked Belvedere Hotel in Italy. Take a look for Stephanie’s 50th. They have a spa and massages!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Ooooo Italy on my birthday…I’d love that! Yeah, the more I research Mallorca the more excited I am to go. Hopefully the rides don’t take it all out of me because I’ve got big plans for touristy fun after each ride!!!

    3. Indy Cyclist

      What a wonderful 50th birthday party or week. Trek Travel does a wonderful job in hosting vacations with riding events. You will be among the world class cyclist with Team Sky training too.
      I am following both of you on Stava and have not seen much activity. I hope that all changes by the time you travel to Mallorca.
      Great idea and thanks for promoting cycling and RVs at the same time. On that note the new Revel with a movable bed is really innovative.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Ha! We’re so busted on Strava, lol!!! Yeah I’ve fallen out of the habit of recording on Strava, and James I think has recorded on Strava once. I really need to get him more into it, and I should start using it again, too, thanks for the nudge. Most of our training is inside on the spin bike though! Strava workouts are way cooler when there’s a map and pics! Glad to hear you have good experiences with Trek Travel, WE’RE SO EXCITED! Come with us to Mallorca!!!

    4. Danielle

      Well, I haven’t cycled there, but Mallorca is gorgeous!! I admit, I’m
      biased and a real Europhile, with particular love and partiality for Spain! ENJOY!! And I’ll be looking for lots of photos!! ❤️

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Thanks, Danielle! I’ve been talking to friends who’ve been there and my list of things to do grows and grows! Looks like there won’t be much sleeping, lol. xoxo

    5. Smiley

      Stefany, we saw you at Hershey and talked about Mallorca and how much fun we had doing it, we did that tour with Santana Tandems back in 2008 ish and it was in the fall like October so we were able to train for it. LOTS and I mean LOTS of climbing and a to do is Sollier with its 26 switchbacks. Glad we had disc brakes for the descent on the backside of that climb. If its drizzling and you got rim brakes on any down hills (think twice) or maybe make sure you reserve disc road bikes from Trek now ahead of time.
      You’ll have a great time and each town prides itself with their sangria mixes so have fun, we won’t be in riding shape early enough here out east.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Hey so great to hear from you again! Yep I remember that conversation and had it in mind when I saw the Mallorca trip advertised for over his birthday. Maybe I have you to blame?! Just for that you should feel guilty NOT coming with us, lol!!! I never thought of doing the trip on a tandem though. We’ve never tried a tandem; and knowing us, am pretty sure it would be a marriage tester!

        1. smiley

          when you do all your climbing especially Sollier with its 26 switch backs think about that on a tandem and then we descended the fast straight way back down the mountain. Have fun Smiley

    6. Ed Marks

      Wow that looks like an amazing ride!! Too bad we’ve already committed to a week long ride in Croatia in June.

      But …… I’m yet another Feb. 23 birthday boy and I’ll be celebrating my 65th skiing in Colorado and signing up for Medicare lol!!!

      I’d be more than happy, though, to participate in a bollywood dance flash mob if you want to organize that here in the states!!! That way James gets to realize all of his dreams!! Think about it!!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Okay that’s now 4 people who have the same stinkin’ birthday as James!!! Skiing is another fave activity around here, and we actually talked about going to Big Sky (James’ all-time favorite besides Alta) instead. There’s a wild game restaurant in the Big Sky area (Bucks T-4 Lodge) and James says it’s the best restaurant in the world, so ski trips there are double bonus. So yeah totally agree skiing makes a great bday! And OMG a Bollywood flash mob!!! Wish I had the skills to pull that off how hilarious would that be!

        1. Stefany - Post author

          Well so far for our flash mob we’ve got #1 You, and #2 Me. World’s smallest flash mob?!?! HA!!!!

    7. Cryptofit

      I wonder if I can get my 1000w electric battery attached to my Janis Dakar mountain bike on the plane? I need the extra power to keep up w/ you guys LOL. I will check into that.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Ha! Trust me I did consider asking for an e-bike myself! I’ll be kicking myself that I never did as I’m climbing Sa Colabra, I’m sure. 🙂

    8. Howard Brayman

      My wife’s birthday is Feb 23, but our idea of a great bike tour is 500 feet of total climbing over 4 days and 200 miles. (We are a bit older than James!) Such a ride is available along the western part of the Erie Canal and then along the Niagara Peninsula in Canada.

      We also have a Travato, and spent June and July in Canada sightseeing and searching for flat bike trails. The Confederation Trail on Prince Edward Island is highly recommended for the those that like it level.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Great tips! I too enjoy rides that are pleasant and not painful, so I’d love riding with you two. Unfortunately though, I’m married to a masochist. The rides I get roped into are nothing like the lovely Confederation Trail. Think more along the lines of getting a root canal without Novocaine. And then getting up the next day and doing it all over again. #whatswrongwithus

      1. Stefany - Post author

        So crazy, you’re the 2nd person who’s told us they share a bday with James!!! Okay Sandra so now when you book your spot on our Spain bike trip (ahem ahem) I’ll need 2 birthday boy hats and 1 birthday girl hat!!! xoxo

    9. Carole Van Wie

      You are the best wife ever! I think you need to have another party here in the states sometime. Maybe a surprise party and we get a couple hundred from our group to all show up somewhere…for the TRAVATO party of the century!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        HA! I actually thought about that Carol! A big RVers meetup was my back-up plan for right on his big day! Would have been such a blast and we’ve never done a large scale meetup before…plus I love meeting all the people on the other end of the computer screen. Maybe we should schedule a mass FitRV party for MY 50th, which will be in 2020…not as far off as it sounds! Although I’m also trying to think up ridiculous things to request for my big day, as it appears a little payback is definitely in order. 😉

    10. Rhonda Snyder

      Hmmm..I have an idea too.. for the rest of us who can’t make it personally, maybe we could commit to 50 miles before his birthday. Since I ride a fat bike I don’t think I would commit to a 50 miler in one day. But I could do it in a week. 50 mile fitness birthday present dedicated to our favorite former rocket scientist. Anyone else interested?

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Oh. My. Gosh, Rhonda. This is the BEST IDEA EVER! I’m just thrilled you shared it! Maybe we can even run with it. We’ll set a goal to collect bike miles from readers, asking everyone for 50, but then having a total target number to reach by his bday…like 5,000 miles or something!!! James would LOVE if people rode for his bday. After all, that’s our whole mission around here, to get people up and active. It would feel like a total win and I can’t think of a more meaningful bday gift. I’ll do a blog post challenging our readers on it next week THANK YOU SO MUCH RHONDA, YOU ROCK! xoxoxoxoxo

      1. Stefany - Post author

        NO WAY!!! Well then you certainly SHOULD consider coming along! A double celebration, I’ll bring two goofy birthday boy hats! xoxo

    11. Steve Stephenson


      Looks like an epic tour with possibly 30k feet of total elevation, wow! I’ve done some tours that I felt involved a lot of climbing, but nothing like this. This is hard core cycling with incredible scenery. I assume you’re shipping your bikes? I can give you the name of a forwarding company that did a great job for us when we shipped our bikes to Italy, if your interested. Enjoy!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Oh jeez Steve now you had to go add up the elevation, so I could see the hell I’ve gotten myself into. Maybe I gave up too easily on that Bollywood thing.

        Would love your shipping recommendation! Trek does provide high end bikes, but I’d really love to explore getting Lucy there if I can trust she’ll get there safely.

        1. Steve Stephenson

          I apologize for the incredibly long time it’s taken me to get back to you. We used ‘Luggage Forward’. They did a great job for us. However, the folks who rode Mallorca on the tandem strongly suggested disk brakes. If Trek offers high end bikes with discs I would seriously consider taking them up on it, being the flat lander that I am!

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