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As a trainer and fitness pro, I get asked for gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts all the time. I’m not sure why it took so long to dawn on me, but I’ve decided to put together this little shopping list of some of my favorite gift suggestions for any fitness lover. Here are the parameters I used to choose gifts:

  1. All gifts are under $50. No reason to go broke when there are so many cool fitnessy things that are downright cheap (and yet still awesome)!
  2.  All items are Amazon Prime! You fellow procrastinators and last minute gift shoppers, I get you.
  3.  Everything that made the list is something I either have experience with or have bought as a gifts for fit friends and trainees! This isn’t just a random list here, folks. This is all stuff I know and love.
  4. I didn’t add any equipment basics, like traditional resistance bands kits, TRX, yoga mats, etc because fitness nerds will likely already have that stuff. But if you DO want my recommendations for exercise gear essentials, CLICK HERE.
  5. All gifts that made the list are small and portable and therefore RV-friendly.

With all that out of the way, ready or not, let’s go fitness shopping!!! (Click the item name to see them on Amazon.)


Trainers Stef’s List of Fitness Gifts:


Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Simple Modern: 

Stainless bottles are becoming the material of choice in the fitness world. Besides the cleaner water taste, stainless bottles are more robust,  so they can take abuse with no problems. This particular bottle is very reasonably priced and keeps liquids cold a ridiculously long time, and that’s something I very much appreciate during a sweaty gym workout.  The 22 oz keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours (ice cubes don’t even melt!!!), and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. It’s just a phenomenal all-around bottle, no matter which size you get. Plus, you get two different lids with it! Oh and get this, if you REALLY want to impress someone, you can actually have these personalized and engraved with their name!!!


Time-Marked Water Bottle:

Whenever I work with trainees who struggle to keep hydrated, I have them pick up one of these puppies. The Cactaki bottle has time markings on it, so it helps you stay on track with daily fluid consumption. And there’s more! It comes with a strainer so you can infuse fruits, herbs, and veggies in your water. Not creative with infusing? No prob! It even comes with an infusion recipe book! And don’t worry, the bottle is 100% BPA and toxin-free.


Double Bottle Hydration Belt:

I’m a huge fan of hydration belts, and I never RV without this one. I use this exact one whenever I’m out running or doing shorter hikes. The pocket is roomy and I can’t imagine a phone that wouldn’t fit, so you should be safe getting this even if you don’t know their phone size. Even if they already have one, this is an updated model with a much better belt that can now be cut to size and no longer has the plastic buckle. For under 20$ it’s an incredibly useful gift for any fitness enthusiast!


Bluetooth Scale with Corresponding Smartphone App:

The first thing to love about this Renpho smart scale is its small footprint… making it great for taking along in the RV. And next is its user-friendly app and the 13 data measurements you get from it, including body fat. Now I’m not going to claim you’re getting hyper-accurate body fat measurments from it. Instead, think of this as just another guideline, whether or not the body fat number is spot on. The scale itself does seem to weigh consistently and accurately.  I’m a strong proponent of daily weighing, and this scale, coming in at under $30, is an excellent gift to encourage a healthy daily weighing habit.


Fitness Tracker Bracelet with Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitor:

While FitBit seems to be the brand we all know best, this 30$ FitFort Fitness Tracker has a feature my own FitBit Inspire (that I spent way more for) doesn’t… it can measure your blood pressure. Another thing I like better about the FitFort is the colorful LCD display (FitBit only displays white) with brightness that can be adjusted (I can’t do that on my FitBit either). If you’re looking to make a big impression on a small budget, look no further than this awesome little tracker.


Waterproof Wireless Earbuds:


At $44, this is the most expensive gift I have on this list, but for the quality you get with these, it’s a fantastic price. Ofusho is pretty proud of the tech that went into these earbuds, and they well should be. They’ve incorporated the most advanced Qualcomm earbud chip so you get excellent signal connection, better sound quality, and lower power consumption. They also have 3D stereo sound quality with these AND 8 hours of continuous play time, which is about double what’s normal. The case itself holds a charge of about 19 times that, so basically you can get 152 hours of play before you need to plug it in. Unheard of. Since they’re waterproof, they’re especially great for sweaty fitnessy people. And the sound is phenomenal… the bass packs a a satisfying punch. Here’s what I love most about these. YOU CAN USE THEM INDEPENDENT OF EACH OTHER!!! I’ve also got a pair of very expensive Jabra Elite Sport earbuds and that’s my biggest complaint. Both have to be in my ears or they don’t work at all, so annoying. There are times, like running in traffic, where I only want to wear one. These Ofusho’s let me do that.


Cordless USB Rechargeable Portable Blender:

Okay so full disclosure here. I also have two other blenders, a full-size VitaMix (cha ching!) and a single-size Magic Bullet. What sets this Lozayi personal blender apart are two things: 1) the carafe is glass… I LOVE THAT! and 2) It is cordless. The cordless thing makes it super flexible to take pretty much anywhere… to the gym, outside, wherever. Fitness lovers like their smoothies, and getting them a unique personal blender is a great way to encourage their healthy lifestyle. And hey, while you’re on a roll, a great companion gift is the Healthy Smoothie Bible recipe book.


ProMix Whey Protein (and optional Mixer Bottle):

I’m all for getting your protein from whole foods, but when you start getting serious about your fitness you quickly realize how hard it is to get enough protein. As a trainer, I’m a bit of a broken record, “more protein, more protein, MORE PROTEIN!” Ask any of my clients, the word “protein” is probably my most spoken word during our nutrition conversations. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I have my favorite brand of protein supplement, and that’s this ProMix. ProMix is sourced from Northern California farms, and it is an undenatured and cold-pressed form of whey, so you get more bioactive ingredients. The quality of whey ProMix uses gets verified by a third-party, and I especially love that it has absolutely no added sugars and/or artificial products as many other proteins. This is the protein you gift if you really love somebody.  One of my trainees bought the ProMix electric mixer bottle and she loves it. It’s rather fun: it makes a tornado out of your water, and you add in the powder. No yucky clumps!


Packable Gym Bag with Separate Shoe Compartment:



There are a million gym bags out there, but this one is especially unique since when not in use, it packs down inside itself to a super small footprint. That makes it great for RVers or for anyone who travels. Besides that, the separate shoe compartment is also a big bonus. No one wants their sweaty stinky gym shoes touching their shower towel and clean clothes, you know? And if you don’t like the color you see here, you’ve got 14 other color options to choose from.


Portable Foam Roller and the Foam Roller Workbook 2nd Ed:


Storage is precious for RVers in compact coaches, and that’s why I love this small foam roller, with its room inside to store your things. Foam rollers are an amazing tool.  They’re a type of myofascial massage, or a kind of therapy that loosens your muscles and eases pain in the tissues that wrap around, connect, and support your muscles. Foam rolling feels really good, and it’s something we all should be doing on the regular. Pair a foam roller with the Foam Roller Workbook, with its excellent graphics and exercise descriptions, for a fantastic fitness-themed gift for anyone, no matter what their current fitness level is.


Fitness Loop Bands:


My daughter is a Pilates die-hard. She attends classes at a Pilates studio a few times a week.  That is a not-cheap undertaking for a poor 20-something… but there are much worse ways she could be blowing her money!  I’m quite proud of her for choosing exercise as her splurge. So, when I told her I was writing this article, I asked her what’s one fitness item she loves and would recommend as a gift. Right away, she came back with these loop bands and said, “such a killer workout with these things.” This particular set comes with high-quality thicker loop bands and a guidebook to get one started, but there are also loads of loop bands YouTube videos out there, too.


“The Body: A Guide For Occupants” Book:


Being a fitness enthusiast goes hand in hand with having a strong interest in the human body. This book written by Bill Bryson is a fun and fascinating read about just that, and since it’s newly released just this year, it’s doubtful your giftee has had time to read it yet. I love the author’s casual, conversational tone. It makes it so much more engaging, especially with the avalanche of facts hitting you. Reading this makes you realize how we truly are remarkable beings with miraculous bodies. It doesn’t surprise me a bit this book is already on so many bestseller lists.


Compression Sleeves:


Besides being an effective aide in training recovery, these compression sleeves also feel great to wear. This particular brand uses ‘graduated’ compression which I especially like, since the compression is most concentrated lower and then lightens up towards the top. Here’s why compression socks are so beneficial. Exercise brings on increased blood flow, which can cause blood pooling. Our wimpy veins have a hard time returning our blood, against gravity, back up to our heart. The force of compression socks restricts blood vessels enough so that our veins can more effectively do their jobs, thus speeding recovery. Plus! Compression sleeves are great for RVers on long driving days to keep fluids from pooling in the lower legs. Double bonus!


Cooling Towels: I asked James for one fitnessy thing he absolutely loves that would make a great gift, he suggested these towels. James swears by these. You simply soak them in water, ring them out really well, and then you get this crazy awesome cooling effect for up to 3 hours. It’s like magic. For $18, you get 4 cooling towels in colors of your choice, and each towel comes in its own convenient little plastic carrying case you can hook to your gym bag. So really, you can buy one set and give them as gifts to 4 different people!


Pilates and Yoga Toeless Grip Socks:

Tucketts brand has a great fit and their socks seem to be a good quality item. I especially like the toeless feature, allowing your toes to roam free for doing things like planks and pushups, while still getting the grip and comfort of the sock itself for things like barre work and balance poses. They come in a variety of fun colors and patterns, too!


Fitspirational Necklace:

This adorable necklace is a powerful affirmation for women on a fitness journey. It makes a thoughtful gift, especially since it sends a message of support. For you to give it means you recognize their journey hard (and yet wonderful) fitness journey. It’s a way you can let them know you understand and are rooting for them. This particular necklace is 925 sterling silver. It is nickel-free and hypoallergenic. I love how the charms are very tiny, understated, and sporty but still feminine. At 25$ it isn’t the cheapest fitness necklace you’ll find, but if you care about the person you’re buying for, go with this one made by YFN with its quality metal.