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In my quest to find the best RV products for active RVers at this year’s Outdoor Retailer show, I met with VIM & VIGR’s founder Michelle Huie.  VIM & VIGR is a company that specializes exclusively in compression socks. In the video, you’ll see Michelle discuss why compression socks are important for RVers, and how her stylish line of compression socks, for both men and women, supports a healthy lifestyle.


Benefits of Compression Socks

Compression socks originally started as a medical support for people with conditions like diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, or for those bed or wheelchair bound. It’s a pretty simple concept: The socks increase the pressure on muscles of the lower leg, which accelerates the flow of blood back up to the heart. While it’s our high-pressure arteries that pump blood to the extremities, our low-pressure veins are responsible for the blood’s return. So, the socks give the veins a little boost. They not only stop the blood from pooling in the lower legs, they also combat varicose veins, and reduce leg swelling.

Compression socks are also used by endurance athletes – runners, cyclists, and triathletes – because they help speed recovery after hard efforts. But these benefits aren’t exclusive to elite athletes, and anyone can benefit from compression during recovery.

Compression Socks and RVing

On long driving days, compression socks are a smart choice, whether or not you have a medical condition. Long distance travel increases your risk for developing venous disorders. Why? Remember that the heart is attempting to pump blood against gravity up through the veins. When we’re up walking and moving about, the regular contraction and relaxation of the calf muscles helps move the blood up the veins. But when we’re sitting for prolonged periods of time, like when driving cross-country, the calf muscles can’t do their job. That’s where the compression socks come in. They give the calves the squeeze they need to push the blood back up to the heart and to keep our legs from swelling up. While sitting for long stretches is never a good thing, compression socks will provide a little help on those days when sitting can’t be avoided.

VIM & VIGR Compression Socks

SONY DSCAs I type, I have to admit, I’m wearing a pair of VIM & VIGR’s right now, and they feel fabulous. They come in 4 different fabric choices: wool, cotton, nylon, and moisture-wick nylon (I’ve got on wool!), with a wide selection of designs to compliment your style. There were a lot of companies promoting compression socks at the Outdoor Retailer show, but Michelle’s socks were hands down the most stylish and impressive by far….and, no, I’m not getting paid to promote them (I wish!).  Please check out the VIM & VIGR website, and give some thought to trying out compression socks on your next RV trip.