Willow Wind RV Park, Hurricane Utah – RV Park Review

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Even though James and I spend much of our time dry camping in our RV “Lance”, every few days into each trip we like to to head back to civilization. I can only “rough” it so long. In these instances we head to modern RV parks where we can get a good hot (and LONG) shower, replenish our water supply, have a night with unlimited electricity, and maybe even a gym workout if we’re lucky. Our stop at Willow Wind RV Park in Hurricane, Utah was just that.

Willow Wind 1

Willow Wind has a great location, with lots of outdoor activities close by. Zion National Park is a short drive, and there are a couple state reservoirs nearby, too. It’s in the heart of Hurricane which the locals pronounce “Herkin,” and gets a chuckle out of me every time I hear it. There are restaurants, Walgreen’s, and groceries within reasonable walking distance. Willow Wind has a lot of full-timers here and stays pretty busy, so reservations are probably a good idea year round.  Overall the park has a pleasant atmosphere and is well-kept and quiet. The spots each have a nice grassy area, and there are lots of trees around.

Willow Wind 2

The only problem we had with our site was the location of the pedestal. With such a small campervan, we only travel with a 25′ power cord. The pedestal at our site was located around 10 feet behind the pad and on the passenger’s side.

Willow Wind 3

Since our 30 amp inlet is mid-ship on the drivers’ side, we had to back off the pad considerably for our cord to reach. We had arrived after dark, so there wasn’t anyone working to request a new site. I’m sure they could have put us somewhere else if they had known. If this is going to be an issue for you, make sure you mention it when you make your reservations.

Probably the highlight of our time at Willow Wind were the bathrooms!

Willow Wind 4

Here’s one of the bath houses. I know it’s a little silly to get excited over bathrooms, but after being in the wilderness for a few days, things like bathrooms excite me. Especially when you open the door and they look like this inside:

Willow Wind 5

Oh and get this. You’re seeing the bathroom BEFORE it was cleaned. This apparently is the bathroom DIRTY! After taking these bathroom pictures, I came back over to the bathroom about an hour later. The cleaning person was just going in for the morning cleaning. I had to exclaim, “but, they’re already pristine!!!” Unfortunately, he needed to close it while he cleaned, so I couldn’t have my late morning shower there. Instead I had to trek to the main bath house at the park entry for my shower. I don’t have photos of that one, but it was just as nice.

Willow Wind 6

Here’s the handicap bathroom in the bath house. Pretty fantastic.

As for amenities, they have a rather impressive club house:

Willow Wind 7

Inside the clubhouse, there’s a big TV and lounge area, a piano keyboard, and a pool table in the upstairs portion.

Willow Wind 8

While we were there alone, I could see how this clubhouse area would be handy when on tour with other RVing friends; a great place to socialize and hang out.

The gym, as far as RV park gyms go, deserves a shout out. See that cable machine James is checking out?

Willow Wind 9

Functional trainers like that are always one of my first suggestions whenever I get asked for advice on stocking small-space gyms. You can do a billion different exercises with them, easily working your entire body. Think of them as an all-in-one strength training machine. I was quite happy to see this, along with the nice collection of high-quality cardio machines.

Willow Wind A

A couple other things to note:

  • The internet was surprisingly functional for an RV park, though there are rules about no streaming video.
  • We paid $35 per night, and that was with our Good Sam discount during the off season.
  • The park is pet-friendly; we saw lots of people out walking their dogs.
  • There are laundry facilities on-site and all were working and in good condition.
  • There’s no pool or hot tub.

If you’re heading through the area or on your way to Zion and are looking for a modern RV park with full amenities, we definitely recommend Willow Wind RV Park. I know we’ll be back.

Willow Wind B

Because we simply cannot stay away from Zion!



  • Fitness Opportunities - 85%
  • Facilities - 95%
  • Value - 80%
  • Total Score 86%

Pros:  Very clean and nicely appointed bathrooms. Proximity to outdoor recreation paradise. Nice gym facilities. Clubhouse. Quiet. Close to in-town conveniences. Good wi-fi.

Cons:  Some sites  (ours) can have hookups location issues, ask management when making reservations.

After 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and the University level in Special Physical Education, Stef made the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach specializing in seniors, medical conditions, and injuries. Stef loves running, cycling, and being “Mugga” to her two favorite mini-humans — Punky and Marshmallow. ❤️

    16 thoughts on “Willow Wind RV Park, Hurricane Utah – RV Park Review

    1. Rob V

      Arrived at Willow Wind RV park late last night. Backed our 23 ft trailer to the back of the pad, unhitched trailer, ran power cable to pedestal, nope, about 2 inches to short. Cursed, bitched and moaned, hitched trailer back up and backed up 2 inches more to reach pedestal. Yaay, we got power! Woke up in morning (wife still asleep) went over to check out bath house. OMG! Ran back to camper to wake up wife to tell her how immaculately clean the showers were. Kinda scary that I seen the authors review on the Google news and she wrote exactly my thoughts of this rv park……

    2. Scott Lockwood

      Love your review. We agree with all your points esp the bathroom, like a high end hotel! We discovered this park last spring. True to its name, we encountered VERY STRONG SIDEWINDS and extended our 2 night stay to 5 to wait for calmer weather. Enjoyed it so much we are going back next spring for a month! As you point out Southern Utah is a great place to explore.

    3. Daniel

      Good Review!
      What a coincidence ….. As we drove last year with a rental RV, from the North Rim in the direction of the Valley of Fire, and were looking for a campground in Hurricane, we landed also at Willow Wind. Very nice and pleasantvstay there, could recomment it to everybody.

    4. Al and Sherryl

      Great review of what any of us would think is a near perfect RV Park! Hope you guys didn’t bend any of the gym equipment or smoke any of the bearings in the cardio stuff though. 🙂

    5. Ted

      We haven’t seen an RV park with a gym yet….. But then again, we went traveling in The South during our shakedown cruise during the holidays. The RV park we stayed at in Pigeon Forge TN was within walking distance of a moonshine distillery and fried chicken joints. We were warned to watch out for bears if hiking in any wooded areas… Apparently, they must be attracted to the smell of fried foods lingering on tipsy hikers. It’s very different down there. I’m sure you must have run into something similar when you went to Louisville KY

      1. Stefany - Post author

        LOL, Ted! Funny story! Moonshine and fried chicken and bears, oh my! Now I want to go there. For the Louisville show, we actually stayed at a hotel, and in Georgia stayed with family, so no campgrounds! But yeah, we see gyms frequently out west.

    6. Michelle A

      What’s not to like about this RV park! It is definitely going on our going-to-visit list 🙂 Thanks for the review including all the details!! Way to go, James and Stef … you two are dy-no-mite !!!!

    7. Patricia Davidson @RVplus2

      Great review. We stayed at this park for a month, last year. It was the most affordable monthly rate around for such a nice facility. So much to do from Zion to St. George. We love Hurricane and will stay there again.

    8. Dan Beaton

      Great review Steph. Was James just inspecting the mechanicals? I’m of the impression that he doesn’t work out, except on a bike.
      You didn’t mention laundry. We have a Scrubba following James review last year, but it’s always nice to dump a load in a machine.
      And I wonder when rv parks will recognize that the internet is a basic?

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Oh gosh, Dan, lol! No, his exercise obsession doesn’t stop at the bike. James is a very strict weight lifter…on a set program. Three heavy lifting sessions a week or he’ll turn into a pumpkin or something. And yeah, we use our Scrubba on every trip now. But like you’ve discovered, there’s only so much you can fit in the bag and sometimes a real washer/dryer comes in handy. Willow Wind had a nice clean laundry room in good repair! So true about the internet. RVers in general just have low expectations because it’s rare finding good wi-fi at parks.


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