All the Winnebago ERA Models – One Review

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I’ll admit it, I’ve never been able to keep the Era model designations straight in my head.  They’re just letters.   And at this point, I can only assume I’ve got a busted synapse in the region of my brain responsible for the Era.  So, I came up with my own way of keeping them straight, which you’ll see in this video.



We had a little fun making this one.  That first frame pretty much tells the whole story!  But even if you don’t adopt my naming convention, you’ll probably find something to like in the Era lineup.  All of the Winnebago Era models are true Class B vans, built on the Mercedes Sprinter 3500 chassis.  So they’re all very nimble and will get great mileage.  But things diverge when you get to the various floor plans.

We do a quick review – more of an overview really – of four models, namely:

  • 170C – The Class B with a slide.  This RV also features a dry bath, and loads of storage.
  • 170A – Large rear bed, configurable as twins or a king.  Pass through cabinetry in the door.
  • 170X – Seating for 7(!).  Two distinct living areas, front and rear
  • 170X (2016.5 edition) – Same floor plan, but exciting upgrades are in store for this model.


Those are the main differences between the floor plans.  For the minor ones (fridge sizes, what type of blinds are used, furnace brands)… well, you’ll just have to watch the video to see.

And while I won’t be offended if you don’t like my naming convention… if you do, let me know!


James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    32 thoughts on “All the Winnebago ERA Models – One Review

    1. Dave dr

      Hi James and Stef,
      B and I are fans; fitness and rv-ing combined into fun, insights, entertainment and more. You two rock and roll. We are days from picking up our ERA. Years ago, we enjoyed a little popup tent trailer and then a boxy class C. Thank you for the independent opinions, entertaining videos, etc. Best wishes for an awesome Spring. Very cool mods to winterize the Travato. Maybe Mi Tio (our Class B) will meet Lance somewhere somehow in person this summer… Thank you FitRV!

      1. James - Post author

        We are so glad you like our site. And thrilled that you’ll be picking up a new rig soon! Good times!
        You know, since you’re getting an Era – you could think about joining us at Winnebago’s big rally this summer. We’ll definitely be there!

    2. O'Connors

      We originally had a Travato 59G and traded for an Era 70X. On the inside of the back door on the Travato we added a chain lock, just felt better with the bed right against that door. Now on the Era the back sofa converts to the bed, so we are against the back door also. Considered adding a chain lock again, but we’re wondering if that is a bad idea to hamper the exit door in case of fire or emergency. This all came about because of Mike Wendland’s break-in on his RoadTrek, when the doors were locked and thieves were able to de-code the locks and get in. Your thoughts on adding or not adding a lock?
      Love your RV reviews!

      1. James - Post author

        There are several outfits, mostly European, that offer additional security and door locks for these large cargo vans. It’s an interesting idea, and I’ve thought about it. The two concerns I have with it are:

        1. I don’t want to create any additional barriers to emergency exit.
        2. You would need to do ALL the doors for it to be worth bothering with.

        If I could figure that out, I would probably do it. As long as I could make it look nice…
        And you can believe me – if I ever do get it done, you’ll be able to see it here!

    3. Ed Rudder

      Wonderful spin on models……actually have just placed a deposit on a Chicken model as we were able to get it for much lower than expected with the SUPER Chicken coming. Dealers are very motivated to move the Chicken out the coop. Your review came at a great time and this review helped seal the deal!

      1. James - Post author

        So glad to hear it!
        When we were making the video, we didn’t even think of the deals on Chickens with the Super Chickens on the way.
        Awesome news, and we’re excited for you! (and your new bird.)


          I just deposited on the super chicken model which I so adored.. esp when I saw your review that it was the most posh of them all.. I didn’t make a second thought and bought the 70x super chicken.

          I was actually aiming for the airstream but it was being sold at a high price of 140k..
          So when I saw the Winnebago 70x super chicken .. it looked exactly like the airstream but price way way lower.

          I’m from the Philippines and I’m excited to be using it on my future shootings and taping


        2. James - Post author

          Congratulations Raymond!!
          Are you going to be using your RV *in* your filming? Or just to support you while you film and tape other things?
          Either way, let the adventures begin!

      1. James - Post author

        I’m probably not the best one to ask about car seats. The captain’s chairs in the Chicken model (70X) seem like a good bet though.
        You could always try the seats in the very back of the RV (Chicken or Kangaroo), but it seems like a kid might get nervous back there by themselves.

      1. James - Post author

        Hey Lisa – I don’t know what the second sentence was, but if it was as awesome as the first – come back and comment any time!

    4. Mike Cameron

      Great video! Just one clarification–the refrigerator in the 70X Chicken is 3 way, LP, DC (battery) or AC (shore power), and will automatically switch to whichever is available. I know you all are partial to Winnebago (as am I, see, but if you get a chance, I’d love to see y’all compare the Winnebago ERA 70 series to the new Coachman Galleria (also built in the MB 3500 chassis)….

      1. James - Post author

        Well, if we missed the Chicken fridge controls – I’m chalking it up to heat stroke! Thanks for the correction.

        We actually have a detailed review of the Galleria on our site if you look under RV reviews. We try to stay away from “head to head” type comparisons though – we don’t want to pick and have a coach appear as a “loser”. We try to keep it positive, and just review coaches we like – so if you see it on our site, you know there’s something we liked about it.

    5. Terry McWilliams

      Hi, James I’ve seen a number of videos about the era 70A , know one shows where the sewer hose is stored? Surely it does not store on that fabulous rear pull out drawer.

      1. James - Post author

        Lol! I don’t think Winnebago put in a dedicated place for storage of that hose. You’re left to store it where you like. I know some folks put it in an airtight plastic container. Personally, I would look to store it underneath somewhere, if that was possible. I’d be trying to find a place to install the Super Tube!

    6. Janice Centa

      Do you have comments or recommendations on microwave/convection ovens?
      Have you used one? Pros/cons???

      1. James - Post author

        Actually, we’ve never had one. But they offer the ability to do some traditional “baking” type operations in an RV without an oven.
        If one fit in our RV, we’d have one! (They’re a bit bigger than a regular microwave.)

    7. Al and Sherryl

      Another great video you two. Can’t say that the video will help us recognize the different models but it was very enjoyable. We do suspect the company is running off the new decals for application to the models now, so we hope you copyrighted the logos! 😉

    8. John

      Hi, James.
      Another creative spin on remembering those models. I truly enjoy your articles and videos. Keep up the great work. Oh, Steph the hip stretch exercising does wonders for those of us whom still are desk jockeys too.

      So I am going to bounce my way back to the chicken coop so that I can stuff enough coin to afford these toys.

      Safe travels out there.

      1. Boaz

        Perhaps my word play was too obscure: it was chicken, kanagaroo, puffer fish. As humour goes it’s pretty low in the pecking order, and if I was a comedian I’d be scratching for a living.


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