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After our last, and admittedly whimsical, 2025 Revel video, we felt like we should do something a little more meaty.  So we did.  We sat down with Chris Bienert, Winnebago’s product manager for the Revel, to get a bit more insight into some of its features.  Here you go!


How did we get here?  Well, while filming our Revel footage, it occurred to me that much of what makes it truly unique is a set of features that you might miss on a regular walk-through.  You’d miss them because there’s simply not much to *show* in a traditional video.  And since there are plenty of people doing van walk-through videos these days, it seemed like a better idea to tell you about the things you likely won’t see in other videos.

So what kinds of things am I talking about here?  In this video, we’ll get into more detail in the following areas:

  • Battery capacity options – up to 15,000 watt hours, and all 48 volts
  • Charging using both the Sprinter alternator, and a second alternator, and charge rates at idle and while cruising
  • The Eco-Flow power hub – 5-in-1 device integration, and its benefits
  • Upgrades to the Timberline heating system, including multiple independent loops and freeze protection for the tanks
  • Door, drawer, and cabinet design, with compression latches
  • Upgraded insulation throughout – including 3M Thinsulate
  • Water system redesign and water tank capacity increase
  • The latest Sprinter platform AWD changes

See what I mean?  Lots of things you probably won’t see in other RV review videos.  RV nerds… Game ON!

There’s more, but you’ll have to watch the video to learn them all.