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It’s been a few years now since the EKKO was launched, and we’ve been enjoying the heck out of ours. But if you were to order one now, there’s still a considerable wait before you can get one.  So we were excited to see another chassis option coming to the EKKO family.  This one’s built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, and we’ve been calling it the “SPREKKO”!  It’s a bit longer and taller than the Transit-based EKKO, and it comes with a new floor plan.  We got to take one for the day and we filmed this review.  Check it out!


One thing we want to be very clear on: this is simply an additional option for the Winnebago EKKO.  The Transit product is not going away.  The SPREKKO just gives people a new floor plan and new chassis option to consider.

And as you might expect, a lot of things are very similar between the Transit and Sprinter versions.  The bathroom is exactly the same (except for a relocated air conditioner duct.  The bedroom is about 90% the same – simply being a bit longer in the SPREKKO.  The main differences are in the forward dinette area, where the SPREKKO gets a multi-function dinette instead of the two seats in the EKKO.  There are also differences in the configuration of the exterior storage compartments, which you’ll see in the video.

And while many owners modify their (Transit-based) EKKOs for more serious off-road capability, those kinds of modifications won’t be necessary in the Sprinter 4×4 product.  Right out of the gate, the SPREKKO should be able to handle pretty serious off-road adventures.


If you’re on the fence about which EKKO might be right for you, be sure to come back for our next video, where we’ll get into our impressions of some of the main differences between the two, and exactly what we see each of them excelling at.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions on the EKKO Sprinter, so leave your comments, and any questions, below!