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We’ve not done back-to-back reviews of different models of the same coach before. But when we visited Winnebago in Forest City, Iowa, they had unit #2 of their brand new floor plan, the Travato 59K available. How could we resist?! Here’s the video:


We actually got to talk with one of the designers of the 59K, and you’ll hear him on the video. Their goal with the 59K was to create a feeling of open space in something that was truly a “couple’s coach”. We think they succeeded. The Travato 59K is absent some of the compromises typically seen in Class Bs to accommodate extra guests.   There is no “jigsaw puzzle” cushion arrangement to create a second bed. The dinette table doesn’t have to convert to be part of something else. In fact, there’s no dinette table at all! Instead of a dinette, there are two independent trays/work stations – something that’s probably more useful, more of the time to Class B’ers.

And the beds! Since they don’t have to convert to or from anything, they could just make beds. And since they did, the beds are very comfortable.

That brings me to another whole area that intrigues us about the 59K, and that’s the technology and the European features incorporated into the coach. I’m talking here about things like:

  • The NovaKool refrigerator – It runs with a very efficient Danfoss compressor, requires no leveling, and uses no propane.
  • The expandable solar system – The unit we saw had 100w of solar on the roof, with jacks for two more panels. It also had a jack on the side for a portable solar array.
  • The Froli Sleep System – This is an innovative system of individual springs so you can tune the bed to your own liking. It also elevates the mattress to help eliminate condensation issues.
  • The Truma Combi air and water heater – This all-in-one propane and electric unit is incredibly efficient for an RV appliance. It’s also highly programmable and takes up less space than the two appliances it replaces.
  • USB everywhere – There are a whole lot of (9, actually) USB charging ports in the RV (And I’m not counting the USB input on the stereo, which may also provide charging, we just didn’t test it.)
  • In floor storage – We’ve seen this in Europe (and in boats), but it’s nice to see them making use of all the space available in this coach.

OK, OK, so it still doesn’t have a bike garage.   We’re still waiting for that one.  But there are a lot more things to like about the 59K.  (For example, I couldn’t find any water lines on the exterior of the coach!)  You’ll just have to watch the video to see them all.

As always, I’ve attached my usual checklist here:  2015 Travato 59K Checklist

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!