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Security is something that crosses every RVer’s mind at some time.  And if you’ve ever looked into the locks that came on your RV, they won’t provide you much peace of mind. While we were in Europe at Caravan Salon this past summer, I found locks from HEO Solution that promised improved security.  It took a bit of doing, but I got a set of the locks – all keyed alike, just like I wanted – for our EKKO.  Watch the video below to see them installed.


If you don’t have the time to watch the video, let me just hit a few of the highlights of this lock set.

  • Sidecut keys with 100,000 possible key combinations.  Nobody else is going to match our keys.
  • All 10 of my locks are keyed alike.  (If your RV came with a wad of 6 keys, you’ll appreciate this!)
  • The key works “both ways”. You don’t have to wonder which side of the key is up.
  • The deadbolts are substantial – you’re unlikely to bend them.
  • The locks fit ALL of the doors on our EKKO, since they can adapt to a wide range of door thicknesses.
  • The Ford Transit cab locks are also doubled up.  Even if a thief had our remote, you can’t open our doors without a key


So with all that going for them, how do you get a set of these locks if you want one?

The Links

If you want to order a matched-key set of locks like I have, David at can get it done. If you’d like a link specifically to the set I ordered from him, that’s this one:  Seven door locks and Transit Cab Locks.  He will work with the factory in Europe and get your custom set of locks out to you.  You can also order individual locks if that’s what you’d prefer.

If you’d like to download my template for installing the HEO locks on a Winnebago EKKO, I’ve put that on thingiverse.  You can find that here:  EKKO HEO Lock Installation Template.

And if you’ve never used a center punch, but think you might like one, these from Amazon are an inexpensive way to test the waters.


If I’ve left out a link, or some critical piece of information, please let me know down in the comments, and I’ll get things updated for you ASAP.

Happy locking, all!