REMIS Cab Shades for the ProMaster – Installed!

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Even back before I made my curtains to shade the ProMaster cab, I had been trying to get the company REMIS, from Europe, to adapt their Fiat Ducato cab shades so that they could be used in a US-Spec van.  I had been trying for a couple of years, and it just wasn’t working.  But apparently it wasn’t working not because they didn’t want to.  They were just waiting for someone who wanted more than *one* of their shades to make it come true.  Well, they found that partner in Winnebago, and now, I finally have a set.  Check it out!


When we reviewed Winnebago’s new Pure3 Lithium-powered Travato models, we couldn’t help but notice the super-cool blinds they had installed as an option.  Yep… REMIS.  So we pestered Winnebago until we finally had a set to install in our own van.  But there was a problem.

These blinds are made for later-model-year ProMaster vans – those that have a grab handle in the A-pillar.  Ours is older (a 2015 chassis) and did not.  Things were shaped a bit differently.  But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and I got them installed.  I show you how in this video.

Typically, I’ll do these projects in or near my shop, where I have all sorts of resources.  But in this case, I did it in a field in Iowa, using only the tools I had with me (and one long screwdriver I borrowed).  If I can do it under those circumstances, then I’d bet just about any of you reading this could pull it off, no problem.  It’s not too difficult.

We’ve now driven halfway across the country with the shades installed, and we’re loving them.  Now, when we pull in to go to the store, we don’t hesitate to deploy the cab shades.  They keep the heat down.  They keep prying eyes out.  And most importantly, they keep cat hair off my dash.  (which is almost as annoying as sand…)

If you’re interested in getting some of these for yourself, they are currently available from Winnebago.  I’d recommend contacting you local dealer.  They should be able to get them for you.  The Winnebago Part Number for the whole kit is: 326054-01-01a.  As of this writing, MSRP for the kit is $601.75.


And finally, since someone asked for an outside view, here we are.  Here’s the front:

And here’s what the sides look like:


Until next time!

James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    39 thoughts on “REMIS Cab Shades for the ProMaster – Installed!

    1. Gary Hines

      Any idea where I can buy these shades to fit a 2020 Mercedes Sprinter? I had the Remis shades in my 2011 Winnebago View and loved them. I just purchased. 2021 Tiffin Wayfarer on a 2020 Mercedes Sprinter chassis and am looking for solutions. I know they don’t make the style I owned previously due to the airbags in the side pillars.

      1. James - Post author

        I don’t know if they’ve made updated ones for the Sprinter yet. I know it took them a long while to work around the airbags in the ProMaster.

        I’d say if anyone has a shot at having them, it might be

    2. Jason

      Hi James,
      I noticed in your 85 mods post that you said you removed the REMIS shades… I am looking for a better solution than the standard promaster shades, was curious why you removed them?

    3. Howard Brayman

      I’m offering a free cup of camp coffee to anyone that posts a video showing how to fold up the side window covers so they fit in the bag they came in.

      I installed the REMIS shades with no problem (I have a 2016 Ram Promaster, so the foam leaves the same gap as on the FitRV), but I can’t get the shades back in the bag.

      Who ever thought that retirement would be so tough.

      1. James - Post author

        I’ll take you up on that as I’ve already posted one.
        It’s on the Travato Owners and Wannabes group on Facebook. (I think…)

    4. Daisy

      Enjoyed the YouTube segment with the Wendlands. Can you provide purchasing options on the REMIS cab shades. Can it be ordered from Winnebago directly?
      Thanks! BTW did you attend the AF academy, Colordao Springs?

    5. Bethan

      I tried to leave this comment on your curtain page but it said “spam deleted”….??

      You can use pleating tape e.g.

      Also with the magnets, you could use a cotton iron-on interfacing to hold them on instead of stitching pockets.

      The curtain on the door, does it gather as much dirt if you close it before opening the door so it is less bunchy?

      1. James - Post author

        The curtain on the door doesn’t gather dirt at all if we close it before opening the door. But we don’t always remember, and honestly, we like to leave it open most of the time.

      1. James - Post author

        Remi makes shades for a variety of chassis. They’re not specific to Winnebgo, but they are specific to the chassis your motorhome is built on (Sprinter, Ford Transit, etc.).
        Winnebago sells the ones that fit the Ram Promaster (Winnebago Travato).
        You can occasionally get some of them from

    6. Richard Foxworth

      I got a 2018 Ram Promaster 3500 and bought the front window shade kit and the shape of the clip doesn’t fit correctly around/next to visor post and the bolt they provided wasn’t long enough. With a longer bolt and because of the shape of the clip it still won’t line up correctly cause it goes on at an odd angle for the clip line up and work.

        1. DAVID GREEN

          Hi James
          The Remis front windshield screen kit installed by Winnebago in our 2019 Travato 59K has a broken white string which loops around the base threshold and around each fo the left and right jambs and somehow is fed vertically through the folded blinds 12″ to the left of center and right of windshield center line only visible on the outside view. This string somehow adds integrity to the unit.
          My question to remove the blind the screws need to be removed from the pivot points at the base of the jambs. Your video looks like you used a phillips head screwdriver to install. I can’t determine which type of Europian screw heads were originally installed. It looks like they only screen on and can’t be removed. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

        2. James - Post author

          Bummer about the broken string. We never experienced that, though I heard others did.
          In my install, I only used basic tools – no special screwdrivers required.
          Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but we don’t have that blind – or even a Travato – anymore.

        1. David Green

          Hello James, to follow up on my earlier post dated Aug 25, 2021. The mechanic at the local Ram dealer had better eyes than me and backed the screws out with a regular phillips screwdriver. I rebuilt the windshield blind and replaced the broken “shade support” string with a heavy gauge nylon string. All good now.

    7. Ken Moore

      Hi, James – I left an earlier entry asking about the wires in the front window blind kit. Since then I’ve found out from my dealer techs that on the OEM installs the wires signal the vehicle that the windshield blind is not fully retracted & (I believe) that the vehicle is then prevented from starting/moving in some way. Just FYI

      1. James - Post author

        Indeed they are.
        If the safety nannies are reading, I won’t say if I hooked those wires up, or if I just cut them off…

    8. Matt

      Hi James,

      found an english speaking link from Remis, but I guess it is the EU version of the Ducato that can be fitted with these shades for the front and side windows:

      I also found a link from a German camping shop that sells front and side shades from Remis and Dometic, See this:

      It says Front- und Seitenscheibenverkleidung fuer Fiat Ducato and they have quite a variety, so I think your German will be sufficient, to make that out, if not, get back to me and I will translate…

      Here is another interesting link from a company that not only blocks views, but also insulates the windows against heat and cold which saves energy (either airconditioning in summer or heating in winter (this is the english speaking website of that German company)

      If you need more info, just send me a mail.

      Keep up the great work!


      1. James - Post author

        Thanks for the info, Matt!
        I looked, but I don’t think I saw *only* the side windows for a Ducato… only the whole kit.
        I’ll keep looking.

    9. David

      …and the Sand Man speakith of cat fur too. Ha. You Da Funny Man James. But great video and may have to consider for our 2017 K too. Ours has those grab handles.

    10. Pat

      Don’t they also make sliding driver and passenger screens in addition to the inset models? Does anyone know if those are available as well for the PM?


      1. James - Post author

        They do make the side door shades as well, but are not offering them in the US yet. More about the airbags we have in our version.
        If you can find them from a European supplier, they should fit. No warranty expressed or implied for what happens if the air bags go off though…

    11. James - Post author

      OK everyone.
      Didn’t realize so many of you would want them so soon!
      I’m working to try to get a link where everyone can order up some cab shades.
      When I have one, I will update the post itself with a link at the end.
      Stay tuned!!

      1. Bill

        Just go thru your contact, buy ten, get an amazon seller account, mark them up enough to cover Amazon’s commission and give you at least %20 profit, and shop them off to amazon as part of FBA— amazon will warehouse them sell them and ship them to customers with prime shipping.

        Hell you can solicit interest in advance and if 40 people say they want them it’s worth buying ten.

        Amazon takes care of all the big hassle.

        I would rather pay you %20 (which should be easy since you should get wholesale pricing) and be able to buy them than try to track down REMI myself.

        1. James - Post author

          Honestly, we’ve never looked into that before.
          It’s not a bad idea. But it is something we’d never envisioned doing with The Fit RV.

    12. Maggie Graeber

      This is fantastic! Thank you for doing this video James!. So, where can one get a hold of these shades and how much do they cost? Do the screws on the bottom attach to the plastic window frame?

    13. Andre Leclerc

      Hi James,

      Thanks a lot for that usefull vidéo. Is it possible to get the Link where we can order thé stade system Remis ?

    14. Greg Schultz

      Well done. I also field installed mine at a rally on a 2019K. (Hint – it’s easier to install the tabs on the doors when the rubber trim is HOT and pliable.) Photobomb credit to “Rosie” the Doodle.

    15. Steve

      Great video! I have 2018 Pleasure-Way Lexor built on the ProMaster chassis. Any idea where non-Winnebago owners can get these shades? I’ve looked online, but can’t seem to find them.

    16. Darla

      Great post! i just bought new Travato 59k but did not get those fancy REMIS shades. So I WANT them.

      Did you post the link to purchase? I don’t see it. If not, can you , PLEASE 🙂


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