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Weighing your RV is the “flossing” of RV ownership.

I mean, yeah, we know it’s good for us.  But it’s kind of a bother, and you get your hands all dirty (or wet), and so we just don’t do it as often as we know we should.

I’m here to change that with this video:


There are all sorts of reasons to weigh your rig, and I go over a few of them in this video.  Basically, they all come down to safety.  I’ve actually written detailed posts on two of these reasons before here on  The first has to do with setting a correct tire pressure in your rig.  (News Flash:  It’s NOT NECESSARILY what’s stamped on the tires, or on the door jamb.)

How To Set the Tire Pressure in Your RV

And the second reason has to do with figuring out how much you can safely tow.  There’s math in this next post, but it’s all just addition and subtraction.

How Much Can You Tow with a Small Motorhome?

And besides, a lot of the smaller Class C motorhomes come from the factory with precious little in the way of cargo capacity to start with.  So knowing your rig’s weight can put your mind at ease (or get you to re-evaluate what you take with you on RV trips!).

And while I’d written about these things in the past, I never went into the process of actually taking the RV and weighing it.  I just left that for you to figure out.  Well, it’s not a comfortable process to figure out, and it involves bringing your rig into close proximity with lots and lots of 18-wheelers.  But now, there’s a way to get your rig’s weight without ever leaving the cab.  THAT’s what we go over in this video.  In fact, it’s SO easy, that Stef was able to do it in an evening dress and heels.  Yep.  We went there.  We use the Weigh My Truck app from CAT Scale.

One caveat here is that this (and CAT scales in general) only provide axle weights.  They don’t do four-corner weighing.  The four corner thing is ideal if you suspect you have a side-to-side imbalance in your weight distribution.  But most people aren’t imbalanced side-to-side, and four-corner weights are absolutely NOT necessary for inflating your tires or determining how much you can tow.  And besides, even if you just get axle weights on your RV you’ll be ahead of the crowd… because that’s more than about 90% of RV owners ever do anyway.

If we can get more folks out there weighing their rigs, the highways will be safer for all of us.

So do your part – take this info and go weigh your rig.  And we’ll see you out there on the road! (…but hopefully on properly inflated tires and not overloaded…)