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You can really go down a rathole looking for small fans for your RV. On the one hand, you have fans that cost well over $100 each. I’m sure they’re great, but that seems a bit overkill for a 6” fan. On the other, there are USB fans that are so cheap they might as well include them in cereal boxes. After our own cereal box fan starting acting wonky, I wanted a better solution. Not quite cereal box cheap, but not Ferrari expensive either. This is what I came up with:


This RV mod was so easy even beginner DIYers can handle it no problem. I basically just removed the clip mount the fans come with and swapped it with a ball adapter so it would be compatible with RAM tracks. That’s the reason I settled on this particular fan— it could easily be modified.  Most 6” fans I investigated weren’t this easy to modify.

After I modified the fan, I installed a RAM track under both twin beds’ cabinets. I attached a RAM ball mount to each track, and then used a short arm to connect the fan to the track-mounted ball.

Here are links to everything I used:

➡️   The 6” Alagoo fan. (I’m not responsible for the 4-year-old who named it, and I’ll eventually come up with a way to remove the obnoxious logo.)

➡️   The 20mm to 25mm ball adapter.

➡️   The exact size RAM track I used.

➡️   The RAM Mounts Track Ball.

➡️   The RAM Mounts Double Socket Arm.

➡️  The screws (each RAM track takes 12!).

And that’s all there is to it! I’m especially pleased that the RAM mounts will be a much sturdier mounting option than what we were doing before—clipping our old cheap one onto the cabinets, which had the potential to scratch them up. And really, it just looked kind of junky.

I’m sure there are other ways to approach this, and my guess is many of you have come up with your own solutions for RV fans. If you’ve got other ideas, please share below!