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I don’t know how this happens, but James has a way of sucking me into his insanity.

Case in point: this video.


Now let me just say Lance was a perfectly wonderful RV the day he was born. Heck, we took him out for those first few weeks without doing a single mod! Everything worked great, and we had a blast!

That was over a year ago. James, and his OCD (Obsessively Clean but still Dashing) over-the-top need to take things apart, has since then tinkered with pretty much every part of Lance.

He’s running out of DIY projects, and is clearly working in desperation mode.

THAT’S why we’re having a boil-off. James’ latest big scheme is to replace the propane cooktop, which we’ve always enjoyed and appreciated, and install an induction single burner cooktop instead. It’s a totally unnecessary project, but means he gets to DESTRUCT something. Destruction seems to make him very happy.

And I’ll admit, he sucked me in when he said I get to pick out a new countertop. I mean, who can blame me? New stuff is way cool.

Just to mess with him, I’m going to pick out something REALLY crazy for the countertop.

Bright-Lance-yellow, maybe? Meh.

Or OOOH! What about a counter with little bikes all over it, some sort of laminate! Wait, he’d probably love that idea.

OMG I’ve GOT it. I’m picking a countertop that mimics the look of sand…


At any rate, if you’re like us, and you’ve not experienced how efficient induction cooking is versus traditional propane cooking, you might find this video interesting. I have to admit, seeing that water boil so quickly was impressive. Oh! And if you stick around long enough, you’ll see Mel’s first official video appearance!

So, yeah, this project isn’t necessary. But if induction cooking means coffee more quickly in the morning, I’m sold.