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Owning a Class B Camper Van is a lifestyle full of compromises.  And since our Winnebago Travato doesn’t have any outside storage, we have to compromise with our “stuff”.  So there are some camping accessories we just elect to do without (rather than store them inside the van).

Sadly, one item that hasn’t made the cut lately is the grill.  Both Stef and I love the taste of grilled food, and it just feels like that’s what you should be eating when you camp.  But typical grills can be pretty large, messy, and difficult to clean.  That’s a bigger deal than you think when you have to store the grill in the same cabinet as your clean clothes!  That’s why we were excited to see the Flatpack Grill and the Flatpack Mini at the 2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.  These grills are so small and so easy to clean, it’s tough NOT to find space for them.  Have a look:


And get this – you can cook on the Flatpack Mini with 6 charcoal briquettes!  You could make fires for a week with Kingsford in a Zip-Lock bag!  And that mini grill is seriously the size of a paperback book.  The larger Flatpack Grill is maybe the size of a coffee table book.  Whichever one you get, they’re both really small, and you should have no problem finding room for them in even the most space-challenged RVs.

You can buy the Flatpack Grill on Amazon here.  The Flatpack Mini seems to be really new.  Expect it to show up directly from Uco at their website soon!

UPDATE!! 2/15/2017

The Flatpack Mini is now appearing on the Ucogear website.  You can find it here!

I have it on good authority that they expect it to be in stock and shipping by the end of this week.  Woot!


Happy Grilling!