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Maybe it’s because the whole industry is built around having fun, or maybe it’s something else.  But whatever the reason, we seem to get along great and have fun with all our industry contacts.  So going to a big RV show like Pomona is a bit like going to see old friends.  That was exactly the case when we wandered over to the Pleasure-Way tent at the Pomona show recently.  We ran into Dean Rumpel, CEO of Pleasure-Way, and it seemed like we just saw him last week (though it’s been a year!).  We got him to make this quick video with us describing some of the changes you’ll see in the Pleasure-Way lineup for 2016.


Besides being just a fun guy to talk RVs with, Dean is also great on camera.  We shot that video in one take, no notes, no rehearsals, and no do-overs.  Awesome.

Pleasure-Way is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary in 2016, and to celebrate, they’re making some significant changes to their lineup.  Here’s a quick list of the ones that piqued my interest:

  • Lithium Ion Batteries – 200 Amp Hours.  STANDARD, across the lineup.
  • Solar power option from Go Power that can accommodate up to 285 watts – from the factory.
  • Most high-tech RV TV antenna you’ll find
  • Roller blinds throughout

There are more, and you can hear Dean describe some of them in the video.

But if you want to see more of what’s new, head on over to the Pleasure-Way website!

That’s all for now, but we have lots more Pomona RV show videos we’ll be putting up in the next few weeks.