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Okay, FitRVers.


I don’t even know how to say this when we’re not allowed to say anything about it yet.

Which KILLS ME because:

  1. I’m bursting with excitement to tell you!!!
  2. I’m TERRIBLE at keeping secrets!!!

I’ll start by telling you what I CAN say.

James and I will be hosting Winnebago’s huge “new product” launch happening at the RVX show next week in Salt Lake City. YAYYY!


They’re calling it the “Winnebago RVX Reveal 2019“, and you can see us ‘reveal’ their new products on Winnebago’s Facebook event page HERE. And hey, for you anti-Facebookers, we’ll be ‘simulcasting’ it over on FitRV YouTube page, so feel free to tune in that way if YouTube is more your thing.

WHEN: Tuesday March 12th at 4pm MDT

Hope you’ll watch, and hey leave some nice comments while you’re at it!!!

Winnebago has already announced that the new products they’ll be ‘revealing’ at RVX are Sprinter-based, so I can tell you that much. HOT TIP: We’ve already seen them… you really do want to tune in.

But besides that…

There’s something else being revealed that Winnebago hasn’t mentioned AT ALL ANYWHERE yet.

It’s something that’s going to affect me and James and THAT’S the big announcement that is coming that they won’t let me tell you about yet (TORTURE!).

And it’s big.

Like Yellowstone big.

Or even Grand Canyon big.

As always, leave comments and also YOUR GUESSES below! I’ll be eating them up!




After 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and the University level in Special Physical Education, Stef made the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach specializing in seniors, medical conditions, and injuries. Stef loves running, cycling, and being “Mugga” to her two favorite mini-humans — Punky and Marshmallow. ❤️

    55 thoughts on “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING!!!

    1. Ren V.

      Is it the 2021 Lithium Revel? And are you two getting to test it? Hopefully something bigger like a 4×4 Travato with 11600 amp hours!

    2. kevin

      is WGO giving you a new Boldt? You two are amazing ambassadors of WGO RVs. (sorry for all the problems with Lance)

    3. Donald Robertson

      Not only a propane toilet (which acts like a bidet and drys you with the flame} but a propane fueled engine.

    4. CamperVanGuy

      WGO is going to bail out EHGNA and introduce the Hymer Grand Canyon and Yellowstone (already available in Europe) to the North American market on a Mercedes/Tesla gas/electric hybrid.

        1. Pete

          Well you certainly had us going with those Grand Canyon and Yellowstone hints, given that they’re the European monikers for the Hymer Activ 1.0 and 2.0!.

          Admittedly it’s hard to imagine Thor would license the Hymer brand to arch rival Winnebago. But I would love to see that Yellowstone model plus an elevating rear bed for inside bike storage, and available here in the states!

    5. Howard Brayman

      When I saw this phrase on your website “Okay, FitRVers. So. I don’t even know how to say this…”, I thought you where going to announce the impending arrival of a new family member.

      Clearly, I’m operating in a complete fog, even though I have a Travato 59K.

    6. greytourist

      OK, can’t fool a photographer…you photoshopped yourselves into that background. Either that, or the backlighting says that you’re “angels sent by gott” or however that TV series put it…

      Say what? 2 new RVs and something super hugelyrificnormus? Well, I’ll put it on my calendar.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        LOL! No that photo is real I promise!!! Our friend Humberto Gunn is the amazing photographer behind “Adventure Gunn” and we were camping together when he took that! It was early morning and the sun was coming through the trees behind us to create that interesting light!

    7. IndyCyclist

      This is easy. A 2019 Sprinter with a 42 volt electrical system with storage for two bicycles.
      Solar on the roof and and a correctly installed
      second alternator and lots of lithium batteries.
      All wheel drive Lots of
      electronic driver assist and a better entertainment system such as Apple Car Plan and Google too.
      Cellular booster,
      HD ladder to the roof and some nice roof racks.
      All electric and no propane. Heat provided by a diesel fuel furnace.
      See you out there on Strava and photos of your new ride!

    8. Heidi Rood

      I know nothing can ever replace Lance… but I’m kind of thinking you might have a new ride at BNR in a couple weeks

    9. smiley

      All bets change now that the 2020 Transit has been revealed with a gas option alternate generator plus 4X4 capability. So why is Winnebago even talking about a Mercedes B van anymore?

      1. Pete

        The new AWD Transit for 2020 adds some great features including dual 250 amp alternators along with new gas and diesel engine options. However the AWD adds no ground clearance and thus won’t compete with raised Sprinter 4×4 Revel chassis. And the Transit is still limited to 148″ max wheelbase and therefore no competition to the extended 170 wheelbase Sprinter Era.

        Still, great to see new Transit options. Perhaps Winnebago will reconsider the Paseo layout.

        My guess for new products – “L” series lithium battery replacements for the Era and Revel. We shall see…

        1. Pete

          Just noticed that Winnebago has already announced on Twitter that one of the units will be Class B and the other a small Class C.

          So perhaps a euro-style Class C (B+) with garage is a possibility!

        2. Pete

          Ford Transit Class B vans as noted by Smiley in the beginning post (“why is Winnebago even talking about a Mercedes B van anymore?”) are limited to 148″ max wheelbase.

          Once you move away from Class B vans to Class C cutaway chassis they become available in 156″ (Winnebago Fuse) and 178″ (LTV Wonder) wheelbase cutaway options.

          But 148″ wb remains the max for 2020 Transit vans and class b conversions.

    10. Jim Cavanaugh

      I am really hoping for a European style B+ on a small footprint (like 22′) and a huge garage like 90% of B+ have in Europe. Acrylic windows, and 4 season would be cherry on top. Basically, Trend 2.0, smaller, smarter. 🙂

        1. Stefany - Post author

          Hopefully you caught the video!!!

          Here’s the gist of the big news: Winnebago is partnering with the National Parks! To kick it off, they’ve created a limited edition National Park Foundation Travato; and we’re taking their first one on a Nat’l Parks tour this summer! WOOOOOOO WEEEEEE!

    11. Jim Fury

      A big yellow school for a rocket scientist that needs a shop without scorpions. I suspect Winnebago has something for you. Right.

    12. Luc Comtois

      “Winnebago and Mercedes have come together to make a splash at RVX this year. On March 12, Winnebago will unveil two never-before-seen vehicles designed with the latest technology and comfort in mind. The two newest additions to the Winnebago line combine new Mercedes technology with the new heritage of innovation, leading to an unrivaled ride.”

      How about Mercedes-Benz eSprinter ALL electric RV?

    13. Paul Desjardins

      Here is another guess, Roadtrek name purchased by Winnebago.
      The bike garage thing is also a possibility but the b+ not sure.
      4×4 gasser RV with bike garage kind of a Revel on a Promaster chassis.
      A pop up top, a skylight, a composting litter box for Mel.

    14. Chris

      I’m guessing you will be official brand ambassadors and will be given a new rig to test drive, like the Wendlands did for Roadtrek until the SHTF. But then… what will become of Lance?!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        OK I’ll tell you, I can’t wait either! HEY… James, quit taking my keyboard…HEYYYY GIVE IT BA…!!!!!!

    15. Aaron

      Winnebago is finally replacing the Trend with another Euro-style C with a garage. You’ll then have to make the hard decision between moving to a C and dropping the trailer or sticking with Lance and a trailer as needed.

    16. Patrick Broos

      All future Winnebago products will be yellow …

      2019 Travato’s will offer a “hill climb assist” package involving Merlin engines from SpaceX …

      Thanks to a partnership with Tesla, 2020 models will have enough stored energy to support an incinerating toilet, eliminating both black tanks and composting toilets …

      The 2021 Travato will drive itself …

    17. Mike

      There will be a new ‘Travato Lance Edition’ coming out, with improvements/customisations recommended by you two 🙂 And you & James will be the marketing reps/subject matter experts!

    18. Thomas Joseph Cahill

      For a minute there I thought you were going to tell us that Mel was going to be a father….

      1. David

        The suspense is killing me? Will Sprinter be offering a gasoline chassis? Com’on Russ, do something for the Travato cult! ProMaster rules! Oh no! Lance isn’t getting retired, is it? Oh, I know, Winnebago is going to give you a lifelong supply of Winnebago clothing? And Lance lives on…

    19. Jacqueline Milton

      I believe you have been selected as official ambassadors for Winnebago. You will be given the new RVX to drive as a prototype. How am I doing? I am so happy for the two of you. I love what you bring to the RV community. Whatever the surprise comes out to be, you both have earned the honor.

      You have great suggestions, demonstrations of products, renovations, reviews, heath tips on foods and education on the health advantages of exercise. You have shared your family with the community through pictures. You both look like what you preach. We appreciate what you do. Looking forward to following and seeing the big reveal. Smile!!!! God Bless.


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