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Okay, FitRVers.


I don’t even know how to say this when we’re not allowed to say anything about it yet.

Which KILLS ME because:

  1. I’m bursting with excitement to tell you!!!
  2. I’m TERRIBLE at keeping secrets!!!

I’ll start by telling you what I CAN say.

James and I will be hosting Winnebago’s huge “new product” launch happening at the RVX show next week in Salt Lake City. YAYYY!


They’re calling it the “Winnebago RVX Reveal 2019“, and you can see us ‘reveal’ their new products on Winnebago’s Facebook event page HERE. And hey, for you anti-Facebookers, we’ll be ‘simulcasting’ it over on FitRV YouTube page, so feel free to tune in that way if YouTube is more your thing.

WHEN: Tuesday March 12th at 4pm MDT

Hope you’ll watch, and hey leave some nice comments while you’re at it!!!

Winnebago has already announced that the new products they’ll be ‘revealing’ at RVX are Sprinter-based, so I can tell you that much. HOT TIP: We’ve already seen them… you really do want to tune in.

But besides that…

There’s something else being revealed that Winnebago hasn’t mentioned AT ALL ANYWHERE yet.

It’s something that’s going to affect me and James and THAT’S the big announcement that is coming that they won’t let me tell you about yet (TORTURE!).

And it’s big.

Like Yellowstone big.

Or even Grand Canyon big.

As always, leave comments and also YOUR GUESSES below! I’ll be eating them up!