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Along this whole ’Fit RV’ journey of ours, one thing James & I have discovered we really love doing– leading seminars at RV shows. The majority of people attending our seminars are totally new to RVing, and the new-RVer excitement (and nervousness!) is something we remember well. The rookie questions they ask us, we once had, too: How do you find campgrounds? Why don’t my outlets work but my lights do? How do I get the faucets to work? Having the opportunity to educate and mentor newbies is so darned satisfying. Especially since we were once in their spots.

Ramblings out of the way,


James and I will be kicking off 2023 leading seminars at the Ultimate RV Show in Colorado! Whether you’re an RVing newbie or not, we’d love to have you come on down and join any of our seminars. The show itself is free, but parking at the convention center is $12. And! If you’re a Good Sam member, they’ll have a VIP lounge within the show complete with refreshments, and quite possibly– us! It’s where we’ll be hanging out between seminars, so look for us there.

Here’s our seminar schedule: BUT! There’s a typo. Instead of the Dry Camping & Boondocking seminar, we’re doing “Winter RVing Tips”— so anywhere you see the Dry Camping seminar replace that with Winter RVing Tips. You can click the picture to be taken to a larger PDF schedule:


James’ favorite seminar of ours is “Is the Water in Your RV Safe to Drink?” It’s all about how you can drink the water from your RV’s fresh tank and save yourself the hassle of packing bottled water. MY favorite seminar is the one on RVing in the winter— because everyone needs to know how much it rocks!

Hope you Denver area locals can make it! If so, will see ya next year! 😉