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Hi all!

Wow, I haven’t done a blog updating y’all on FitRV happenings in ages.  Wednesday’s upcoming big event motivated me to sit down and type a little, so let’s start there.


Well, at least WE think it’s big, because one of the new things they’ll reveal this Wednesday is OUR NEXT RV!  We got a sneak peek at it a few weeks back, when we were invited to Winnebago to be part of their ‘Virtual Product Launch’.  We’ve been talking about the features of our dream coach for many years (and again in our latest series of RV shopping videos) and turns out they’ve been listening.  I won’t spoil your surprise but, you guys, this new coach is just freaking awesome.  So, make sure you tune in to Winnebago’s “The Road Ahead” video on Wednesday (we even make a small appearance!!!).

There’s going to be a live chat happening while the Virtual Reveal video plays, and we’ll be there chatting with you! We’re so excited to hear your first impressions and find out who else plans to make this new coach their next coach.

Heads up!  Since the product launch isn’t only about this one RV, you’ll only get a quick first look in that video. So, AFTER the launch, head over to Winnebago’s YouTube. They’ll be releasing a full RV walk-through video that will be much longer and much more in-depth. Winnebago filmed it, and they had James and me walk around the new coach with the lead designer Brian and allow him to talk about all the cool new features. We haven’t seen the full walk-through video yet either so we can’t wait to see how it turned out!


After all that drops, head back here to FitRV or to our YouTube because we’ll be putting up a video about the new RV ourselves… sharing our thoughts and even sharing some measurements and answering some questions we’re guessing you’ll have.  Our video isn’t part of the launch; so that one’s all us coming at you from a very exciting location: James’ office. We haven’t filmed the voice part yet (that’s tonight’s fun!), but I’m sure we’ll even be talking about some mods James already has planned, and showing the things we like and even things we dislike.


You can join that BY CLICKING HERE!!! Expect that Facebook group to be a great source to get your questions answered and get all the first scoop on the new RV.

So there it is!

That’s all the good stuff we’re currently excited about in our lives. OH also!!! One more noteworthy thing coming up:


December 1st, to be exact. So far, I’m looking ahead to the day with trepidation…. not sure how I’ll really feel about it until I’m actually 50. I’ve never had a problem before with a birthday, but if any birthday is going to get me, it’ll be this one. Sigh…

So back to happier thoughts: like new super cool RVs! Don’t forget to tune in to Winnebago’s big event on Wednesday, and then watch the full walk-through on their YouTube, and THEN! Come watch our own FitRV chat and walkthrough!

Hope this finds you all well and hanging in there. It’s been a hell of a year, but I know there are better days ahead. Happy to chat with you below. Be well, all! We’ve got this. COVID, birthdays, new RVs… we’ve totally got this. See ya Wednesday!

Love, Stef