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I’m having a bad case of déjà vu.

It’s lunchtime on Christmas Day and this is what it looks like outside:

Snowed in on Christmas

Christmas Day 2015

What you can’t see is all the snow that’s been falling. This is because Mother Nature saw me with my camera. Rest assured, it’ll start back up once I hit “publish”.

James and I officially started our “Big Winter Trip” today! So far, that has involved traveling from the kitchen (for coffee) to the computer (for weather reports). Our Big Winter Trip to test out all Lance’s winter capabilities is momentarily on stand-by.

Snowed in at Christmas

The irony of this isn’t lost on us. We’ve spent months preparing Lance to be the most badass winter camping rig he could be. Water lines are all heated, walls are all insulated, the composting toilet, the inverter install, plus lots and lots of little things too numerous to list. Yet still here we are. Stuck at home.

But back to the déjà vu.

This is EXACTLY the same thing that happened to us last Christmas day:

Christmas Snowed in Fit RV1

Our driveway Christmas Day 2014: Mother Nature messing with us yet again.

Of course yesterday was sunny and not a single flake anywhere near our driving route. But we couldn’t have left yesterday, because that’s the day we actually celebrate Christmas with the rest of our little Salt Lake City clan. After all, who’d want to miss out on toddler boxing?

Christmas Gifts Fit RV

Ummm…thanks for the Christmas presents, Dude?

And of course, there’s the annual Lottery of Food Unpleasantness, hosted & created by James. This year he even handed out rules:

Christmas Lottery of Food Unpleasantness

Christmas with the Adinaro’s: Welcome to the insanity.

It’s pretty simple and stupid. James shops for weird foods. Wraps them up. We’re all forced to eat and judge each other on “technical merit” and “presentation,” whatever that means. I just randomly wrote down a number between 1 and 6 for everyone, and he was happy.

Christmas Lottery Fit RV

Grandgirl Amelia and daughter Mackenzie. They’re good sports. And also my 2 favorite females on the planet.

We were all happy to see James himself got stuck with Grass Jelly, which smelled like grass clippings and looked slimy.

Christmas Lottery 3

Poetic justice. Eat up, Dude! I’ll give that a 2 for presentation…

We also did normal things, too. Present opening, Australian lobster dinner, poinsettia cocktails, and splits practice:

Christmas splits


And now here we are, just waiting, with our noses pressed to the glass. Funny thing is, I’m not upset about this little hiccup in our travel plans whatsoever. This is all part of the adventure, I guess. Part of our journey, even though we aren’t moving. Because we are. We always are.

And honestly, the snow is quite peaceful and lovely to see. Things are good in the Fit RV household this Christmas season, friends. We pray they are for you, too. May you have the merriest of Christmases filled with peace, health, and love (and a little silliness thrown in, too).

And keep your fingers crossed the roads get cleared quickly so we can be on our merry way!