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Greetings from Klamath Falls, Oregon! Here I sit, in our RV “Das Bus”, on our biggest RV trip of the year… The Hot-Like-Lava Volcano RV Tour!  Sounds like fun, you’re thinking, right?!  Yep.  Here I sit.  In Das Bus.  100+ degree weather.  Waiting for a tow truck.
Yes, you read that right.  A tow truck, people.
Maybe I should have been warned by all the foreshadowing.  Here are some clues that this trip wasn’t going to go well:
CLUE 1: The week Das Bus spent in the shop before we left.
CLUE 2: The key battery dying.
CLUE 3: The RV generator not starting.
CLUE 4: The killer bugs while filming a workout video at our first stop, Mt. Shasta. And I mean killer. They were seriously trying to kill us.
The bugs were probably the Lemurians warning us…TURN BACK! STOP THIS TOUR! YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE STUCK AT A GAS STATION PUMP! Hmmm.
Here’s James wearing our new Mt. Shasta Lemurian good luck crystal pre-breakdown. Lotta good that did…
The closest repair shop is 80 miles away in Medford, Oregon.  The tow truck isn’t supposed to arrive for another 2 hours so I have plenty of time to write and air my woes.  James is obsessively trying to crank the RV every 30 seconds, apparently hoping for some cosmic intervention.  I can’t resist heckling him about it, I’m such a bad wife.  We do have a brand new good luck Mt. Shasta crystal hanging from the RV mirror, so who knows.  Me, I’m just trying to “plan to have my plans change,” and stay in a healthy frame of mind.  James is nagging me not to blog a bunch of complaints.  Okay, so instead I’ll tell you how fabulously I’m handling things.
  1. I’ve already talked to Mercedes Sprinter repair shop and they know we’re coming.  Except no one will be there for 2 days.  Tomorrow’s the 4th of July.  Shop’s closed.
  2. I’ve booked us a hotel at the Homewood Suites in Medford.  Room rates are $160 a night….take that, pocketbook!  Hopefully this will just be for 2 nights. (Rubbing the good luck crystal.)
imageHOLY LEMURIANS THE RV JUST STARTED!  I might need to apologize for heckling James about his obsessive attempts to start the RV.  Better sign off and cancel the tow truck, but not the hotel room, because we need to check this patient in and get to the bottom of these intermittent-start troubles.  Medford, Oregon wasn’t in the trip binder, but, “plan to have your plans change,” right?  We’ve never been there before; perhaps some new adventures await us.  Medford, here we come!