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March 3rd 2020 UPDATE! Sea Otter Classic is being rescheduled; new dates not announced yet. If you purchased a spot through Winnebago, follow up with the person whom you talked to via email!


Okay well technically WE don’t have camping spots for Sea Otter 2020 happening next April 16-19, Winnebago does. But being we’re sort of self-appointed ambassadors for the RV-cycling community, they’ve reached out to us to share this with YOU.


If you’re not familiar, the premier camping spots at the most incredible cycling festival of the year, Sea Otter Classic, are so highly competitive they sell out immediately.


In fact, the 2020 VIP Sea Otter sites have been sold out since this past June… almost a year in advance. Crazy right?!? But Winnebago still has a dozen or so of those premier sites they haven’t sold yet. YAYYYYY!

One of the premier campsites. What you can’t see are the phenomenal views of the valley! Campground sits on top of a hill, and views are on all sides… including overlooking the fest grounds!

In years past, we’ve hosted a formal “cyclists who RV” camping experience on behalf of Winnebago, where there were dinners out, organized rides, sponsored happy hours, that sort of thing. But this year we’re not doing it that way. If you purchase one of the Winnebago campsites, that’s all you get… THE SITE! It’ll keep it simpler, and lets us all focus more on the festival itself.



James and I will be there in one of your neighboring spots, so we’ll definitely have to do some informal hangouts together; campground happy hour or campfire dinner, maybe?



Cost is $460 for 4 nights of camping (in Wed April 15, check out Sun April 19 2020), and you certainly don’t need to drive a Winnebago. This is AT COST for these spots; that’s what they went for back in June before they sold out. It’s just that expensive to camp there. So it’s for true cycling nuts only!!!

All the sites are near each other and they sit atop the Chaparral B Campground at the gorgeous Laguna Seca Recreation Area outside of Monterey, California. The campground is super scenic, and the area borders the beautiful trail network of Fort Ord National Monument. The fest grounds are easily walkable from the sites.



We’ve always been so proud of Winnebago for sponsoring this world-renowned cycling and camping event. They’re the only RV manufacturer who shows up, and it means so much to us to see them there. Help us encourage them to continue being a sponsor in future years (AKA help us put a little pressure on heh heh) by leaving a comment below telling them how much we RVing-cyclists appreciate it!

The view from the Winnebago VIP booth behind their display at Sea Otter. It sits right on the track, perfect viewing spot for races!!!


You can reach out to Merrisa at Winnebago either via email or phone:

Let us know in the comments below if we can count on seeing you there, or if you have any questions, too.

AND DON’T WAIT! There’s only a dozen sites, and once the greater Sea Otter community learns of these, they’re going to be snatched up quickly. We want our FitRV family in those spots!!!