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We’re in the UK!

If you follow our Facebook or Instagram, this is old news to you; but I know many of you are anti-social-mediaists, so I get to announce it again here!

We made this video from our first day in England, as we experienced setting up the Glawning at a North Yorkshire campground called ‘The Cud Life’ for the first time:


We’re here as guests of Glawning, and have been tasked with providing them North American feedback on the Glawning itself. They aren’t looking for any promotions, though I’m sure they don’t mind if we do say nice things and share pictures!!! Really though, it appears they’re researching whether bringing the Glawning to the North American market would be a smart company move. They seem to think James and I are good representatives of the North American van community, so lucky us, here we are!

First impressions of the Glawning:

1. SET UP:

Truth be told, James and I are lazy. Not in the exercise way, we rock at that. More in the busy work, fussing about, sort of way. So we were concerned the set up would be time-consuming and complicated. NOT. AT. ALL. I timed the process, and it took 9 minutes for doing some initial out-of-the-bag setup and then another 11 minutes to set it up.

So, in the future now that this Glawning is prepped, it’ll take around 11 minutes. It still takes some fussing, but it’s very minor fussing. We were happily surprised about this.


Storage space inside a van is already so precious, and we expected the Glawning wouldn’t pack down well. WRONG!!!

I’d say it’s about the same size as one of our inflatable paddle boards (deflated in its travel pack), and some trips we bring two paddle boards. So, less space than our boards!


We didn’t know about this until we arrived, and this feature is now our favorite thing about the Glawning. The Glawning can be completely attached to the side of the campervan OR it can stand alone. In fact many people in the UK purchase them who don’t even HAVE vans and stick them in their yards.

The Glawning walls roll up and the floor detaches so it’s always an option to use it canopy-style.

It’s super easy to detach the Glawning from the van, close it up so there’s no gaping hole, and then drive away for a day of hiking. About the same level of fussing as bringing your RV’s awning in whenever you need to travel, really. So two thumbs up for the drive-away feature.



We wondered if we’d like the idea of having a tent outside the van, because after all, we have a van because we don’t want to camp in a tent. But here’s the thing. Gang, a Glawning feels NOTHING like being in a tent.

Not what I think of when I think of tent camping, do you?

I totally credit the canvas material for changing the feel. It’s 100% cotton so it’s breathable, natural, and yet we can fully attest for its waterproof nature (we’ve had a few days of pouring rain since we set it up and not a drop inside).


Here’s another curious and adorable thing:

Glawnings have a bit of a cult following in the UK.

It reminds me of our own crazy wonderful Travato family back in North America… tight knit enthusiasts building friendships and bonds over their shared love of this one thing, in this case the Glawning. People proudly share pictures of their Glawnings lovingly appointed, and they post tips for mods and DIYs. So yep, very much like our Travato clan, and it warms my heart to see, since I totally get it. Being I’m in a similar ‘cult’ and all (love ya T fam!!!).

Calling All North Americans!!!

After you watch the video, give us some feedback we can share with Glawning. Could you see yourself using one, and if so, how? What occasions?

Calling All Current Glawning Owners!!!

We’d love to hear your feedback, too! Help us understand the ways you love your Glawning, why you originally bought it, and how it works for you.

Stay Tuned!!!

We’ll be back with more on ‘living’ with a Glawning after we’ve had a little more time getting to know it!


Pip pip and cheerio, chaps!

xo, Stef in the UK (OMG!!!)