Setting Up The Glawning… IN ENGLAND!!!

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We’re in the UK!

If you follow our Facebook or Instagram, this is old news to you; but I know many of you are anti-social-mediaists, so I get to announce it again here!

We made this video from our first day in England, as we experienced setting up the Glawning at a North Yorkshire campground called ‘The Cud Life’ for the first time:


We’re here as guests of Glawning, and have been tasked with providing them North American feedback on the Glawning itself. They aren’t looking for any promotions, though I’m sure they don’t mind if we do say nice things and share pictures!!! Really though, it appears they’re researching whether bringing the Glawning to the North American market would be a smart company move. They seem to think James and I are good representatives of the North American van community, so lucky us, here we are!

First impressions of the Glawning:

1. SET UP:

Truth be told, James and I are lazy. Not in the exercise way, we rock at that. More in the busy work, fussing about, sort of way. So we were concerned the set up would be time-consuming and complicated. NOT. AT. ALL. I timed the process, and it took 9 minutes for doing some initial out-of-the-bag setup and then another 11 minutes to set it up.

So, in the future now that this Glawning is prepped, it’ll take around 11 minutes. It still takes some fussing, but it’s very minor fussing. We were happily surprised about this.


Storage space inside a van is already so precious, and we expected the Glawning wouldn’t pack down well. WRONG!!!

I’d say it’s about the same size as one of our inflatable paddle boards (deflated in its travel pack), and some trips we bring two paddle boards. So, less space than our boards!


We didn’t know about this until we arrived, and this feature is now our favorite thing about the Glawning. The Glawning can be completely attached to the side of the campervan OR it can stand alone. In fact many people in the UK purchase them who don’t even HAVE vans and stick them in their yards.

The Glawning walls roll up and the floor detaches so it’s always an option to use it canopy-style.

It’s super easy to detach the Glawning from the van, close it up so there’s no gaping hole, and then drive away for a day of hiking. About the same level of fussing as bringing your RV’s awning in whenever you need to travel, really. So two thumbs up for the drive-away feature.



We wondered if we’d like the idea of having a tent outside the van, because after all, we have a van because we don’t want to camp in a tent. But here’s the thing. Gang, a Glawning feels NOTHING like being in a tent.

Not what I think of when I think of tent camping, do you?

I totally credit the canvas material for changing the feel. It’s 100% cotton so it’s breathable, natural, and yet we can fully attest for its waterproof nature (we’ve had a few days of pouring rain since we set it up and not a drop inside).


Here’s another curious and adorable thing:

Glawnings have a bit of a cult following in the UK.

It reminds me of our own crazy wonderful Travato family back in North America… tight knit enthusiasts building friendships and bonds over their shared love of this one thing, in this case the Glawning. People proudly share pictures of their Glawnings lovingly appointed, and they post tips for mods and DIYs. So yep, very much like our Travato clan, and it warms my heart to see, since I totally get it. Being I’m in a similar ‘cult’ and all (love ya T fam!!!).

Calling All North Americans!!!

After you watch the video, give us some feedback we can share with Glawning. Could you see yourself using one, and if so, how? What occasions?

Calling All Current Glawning Owners!!!

We’d love to hear your feedback, too! Help us understand the ways you love your Glawning, why you originally bought it, and how it works for you.

Stay Tuned!!!

We’ll be back with more on ‘living’ with a Glawning after we’ve had a little more time getting to know it!


Pip pip and cheerio, chaps!

xo, Stef in the UK (OMG!!!)

After 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and the University level in Special Physical Education, Stef made the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach specializing in seniors, medical conditions, and injuries. Stef loves running, cycling, and being “Mugga” to her two favorite mini-humans — Punky and Marshmallow. ❤️

    30 thoughts on “Setting Up The Glawning… IN ENGLAND!!!

    1. Tracey Mardon

      Thanks for the Glawning info in case we’re ever in need in the future. We’re keen to hear if you did any cycling while there and how you coordinated it!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        We certainly did cycle while there! In fact that’s the reason we went when we did… the UCI Road Cycling World Championships was happening during our visit, and we actually rode in the UCI World Championships Sportive event… a total once in a lifetime thing. The last 40 miles of the sportive was POURING RAIN! But hey, we finished, and it all added to the adventure. 🙂 xo

    2. Dave Carlson

      the reason I have an RV is to not be a tent camper. It looked nice but way too much effort to set up. I want to travel, tour, eat, sleep, in that order! I don’t want to spend time setting up and tearing down a tent

    3. Matt

      If we stay longer at a place, we have a Coleman shelter (the smaller version 3 meters x 3 meters or 10 feet by 10 feet) and we bought the 4 side windows/doors, that you can zip in. Takes about 20-30 minutes to set up completely. Makes a nice garage for the bikes to protect them from rain or gives us shade in windy situations, if we don’t want the awning out. Many campgrounds in Europe charge extra, if you install an extra tent. It’s nice to have, but we could do without)))

    4. Jim Fraley

      Great idea, especially if you are going to be staying in one place for awhile. Definitely not for a one-nighter. Like Itar, I have a concern about stowing a soaking wet tent and then trying to put it back up in that condition. I am trying to figure out how you disconnect it from the van easily for day trips, especially in the rain. Thanks for putting it out.

    5. Stephen Albers

      My ocean sailing yacht was built in England. I spent a year investigating English products for it, which carry over to camping. In general, English products are high quality but a bit dated by a strong traditional bias. The idea of expanding camper room for certain applications has great merit. But traditional cotton is bulky, molds, rots, stains and is hard to dry. Synthetics would be more appropriate.

    6. Ned

      Big fan of UK vancampers and the variety of drive-away awnings they have compared to here in US. Just think the Glawning and its accoutrements would require a sizable trailer to carry it all

    7. Celia Kupersmith

      I love the look but as a Travato person who rarely stays more than one night at a time in a specific place, this isn’t for me. We all travel differently and for me the T is for “moving on” and exploring new areas.

    8. Angel

      My Foot started tapping to the Beat! Must be a BANJO thing…Anyway, where is THE BELL?!..I miss the Bell…Was the LAST one buried by Stef?…Inquiring Minds want to know ♥️

    9. Gemma

      I am impressed that it is waterproof. Having invested in a camper van for mobility, I had never thought of carrying a tent with our camper. Now that I have seen your video, I think this Glawning would be great for the pups as it gets a little crowded in the van.

    10. George Kane

      I think it might be a good idea for people with dogs and kids. I also think for BLM camping, it’s good because it saves your spot while you go to town with the van. I’m not on board with the style of the set up. I have a 20′ x 20′ canopy tent ( no sides) that has no attachable sides, or anything else for that matter. You simply extend the legs and push up on the center and the sides move out. You can choose to stake it or not – I think you get the picture. Anyway, if they were to use this style of set up, I might buy one. Also, someone else mentioned about not wanting to Stowe Away a wet canvas tent, me too!

    11. Itay BAHAR

      There are many car tents out there that connect to your minivan or SUV.
      This one is unique for those looking for that WW1 era theme look or even Civil War canvas tent look.
      Different strokes for different folks…
      Setup time, weight and price will be a factor compared with the more modern car tents of this era.
      And we haven’t talked about folding away a wet soggy canvas tent.
      Thanks for sharing.

    12. Victoria

      Glamping at its finest! Looking forward to see how you outfit yours. How tall is it at the door and inside?

      One downside I see is that many of the places here in the western US where we camp it is difficult to put in spikes. The quantity that you have to drive and that you can’t set it up on any paved surfaces might be an issue.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        We’ve been discussing this too, that you’d have to plan ahead and research each destination because not all campgrounds are going to work. What would be super handy would be a resource map of North American Glawning-friendly campgrounds. I’ll try to get specs on height!!!

    13. Lynn Carr

      Wow, it is so roomy and spacious. It reminds me of the yurts where people experience a more glamorous camping atmosphere. I would like one just to set up in my backyard as a “she shed” and while away the afternoon reading a book.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Yes it is a bit like a yurt isn’t it! And a “she shed”! That’s ‘brill’! (…that’s my new slang word I’ve picked up over here…) xo

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Now THIS is a great idea for people looking for a UK trip; renting one already set up, love it!!! Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

    14. John Barton

      I’d go with the Vango Galli RSV Screen House instead, for sure. Easier to put up, modern materials, and way less concern about that old Mildewy Canvas smell!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        I looked it up and the Vango has that more typical “tent” and screen house look that seems to be common around the UK. I think what sets the Glawning apart is it doesn’t look like anything else out there and it has a totally different feel inside than a screen house. At the campground, others are curious and want to see the Glawning, but no one looks twice at the typical screen houses. Thanks for your opinion though! It’s good to hear all sides!

        1. Fiona Davies

          And of course you cant put the stove in a normal nylon tent! I bought my Glawning this summer and it was the stove that swayed me to buy. We love it! I sold my Vango airbeam one as I cant see that I’d ever want to use it again. The glawning is a thing of loveliness.

        2. Stefany - Post author

          The stove, as I type, is warming up this cool Northern Yorkshire evening, and sitting here in the warmth with the cozy decorations, feeling a bit outside even though we’re in, really is a thing of loveliness. xo

    15. JoanneG

      Interesting product but I would not be able to carry it conveniently enough in my Roadtrek 190 to make it worth it. Can’t imagine having to deal with it inside the van at meal stops or quick overnights while in traveling mode. Also would not have room to carry anything to put in it once it is up. That said, lucky you to get to go to the UK to try it out! Have a great time!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Perhaps some of the Glawning owners can address how they carry stuff, but I do know the decor in the one we’re staying in was all cleverly stowed in a small suitcase that becomes part of the decor, too. I remember being surprised at how much was in there!

    16. Brad & Marcia

      The Glawning looks amazing! We want one for trips without our camper! We love the set up! I can see myself decorating one! The style is brilliant! We want to go back to England and Scotland in 2023 and would love to know where we can rent one!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        I was thinking the same thing that it could be a fun hobby picking up unique decor for it and getting creative with decorations. I’ll see what I can find out about renting one, and if anyone knows, please comment!


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