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Y’all know RV trips for James and me revolve around cycling. Back when we were shopping for our next RV, finding an RV that suited our cycling love was at the top of our list. But there was another feature at the top of our list, too— we wanted an RV that was a winter camping rock star.

We discovered back with our last campervan Lance that RV trips to winter wonderlands were something we especially enjoyed. But Lance had limitations. There’s only so much you can do in a campervan to get it comfy for extreme cold temps and to keep the water lines from freezing. We were able to pull off winter camping in Lance with lots of mods, but it’s been great that our new Winnebago Ekko, “Number One,” has made winter trips even easier.

As I write, we’re currently camping at Brian Head Ski Resort.  The elevation is 10,000 feet and the temperature outside is around 20 degrees. I’ve got the Truma set at 68 degrees and we’re warm and toasty inside.

My view as I type.

Brian Head is one of the few ski resorts around the country that allow overnight RV camping—as long as you have a lift ticket— so that’s why we’re here.

My Number One, how you blend!

The parking lot has 3 tiers, and the highest, Tier 3, is where RVs are allowed to overnight. It’s actually walkable from there to the resort, but walking in ski boots is hard! And besides, you can’t see the slopes from up there.

Tier 3 parking lot; where we overnighted!

So we’ve been moving Number One each morning down to the main parking lot so we can be right in the action. That’s another thing to love about our Ekko, the tiny footprint lets it squeeze in without issues. Bigger RVs would be forced to stay up in Tier 3 during the day, forcing you to make the long schlep up and down the hill in ski boots.

Tier 3 overnight RV parking. Ours, all ours!

James is a huge skier, so he’s been skiing each day all day, and I’ve done my ski ‘dabbling’ thing… where I take a lesson and then ski only enough to say I went skiing.

Look at me! I’m “skiing”!

My instructor on the left in this pic, Wendy, is a 68 year old badass. She’s driven a Winnebago Minnie Winnie all over the US, Canada, and Alaska, and now she’s enjoying teaching (counseling?) remedial skiers like me to suck it up and quit psyching ourselves out on the slopes. I’m a ski chicken, tied to my lack of love for all things involving heights. So taking lessons helps. James refers to it as dropping me off at ski daycare.

James and I have been “skiing” together over a decade, so he’s quite familiar with dropping me off at various ski daycares. I’m fine with that term. It’s quite fitting, actually.

At the top of some black diamond runs; guess which of us DIDN’T take this pic.

Today is our last day here. I’ve decided I earned my ski stripes for this resort so I’m happily not skiing today. James has been off on the slopes since the lifts opened. Mel and I have Number One all to ourselves.

James was worried for me, “but won’t you be bored waiting for me here with nothing to do all day?” LOLLL! It’ll be rough James, but I’ll try to handle it. Now hurry up and leave so I can turn my audiobook on and get back in bed.

Bye honey! Have fun and (don’t) hurry back!!!

But really, even though I’m being an RV potato today, I do love being outside and being active on our winter trips. It’s hard to describe how awesome it feels to be out all day, working up a satisfying exhaustion, and then chilling out in our “fort” in the evenings.

Dinner post-ski: Shrimp tacos (shrimp is in pot on cooktop) and southwest salad all with my super awesome homemade jalapeno cilantro ranch dressing!

The RV, in the evenings, when you’re somewhere snowy and lovely, invokes those same feelings as a warm fuzzy blanket, or a hot cup of tea, or the warmth coming off a fireplace— all those things that make you feel cozy in the winter—an RV gives those same comfy vibes. It’s such a different feeling than hanging in the RV in the summer! Snow has a way of making things seem still and calm. Peaceful. It’s cold outside, so snuggle in where you’re warm and safe.

We’ve had such a great time here we’re thinking there’s enough winter left we might head to a few other RV-friendly ski resorts next. James’ birthday is coming up, after all! What better way to spend it than doing some more winter camping, checking out some new-to-us ski resorts,  and dropping me off at exciting new ski daycares!

My favorite ski bum.

PRO EKKO TIP: James wanted me to pass on a hot tip he’s discovered. If you’re taking your Ekko skiing, put your ski boots on the drivers side of the gear garage. That’s where the heating duct is!