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James With CameraOK, this is going to be a short little post, but I noticed something the other day and I just have to say something about it.

Did you know, that as of I don’t really know when, we have over ONE MILLION VIEWS on our YouTube channel?  That’s like – well, a lot of people.

It’s taken us just over two years to get there.  And I have to say, our videos have gotten better along the way.  If you compare some of our first exercise videos with our latest RV Review videos, you’ll see that we’ve learned a lot.  But we’re still learning…  We’re still definitely not pros at this (though our equipment has gotten better); so we appreciate each view that we get.

So thanks – that’s really why I wanted to write this.  Stef and I are humbled that so many of you have taken the time to watch us basically have fun, work out, and explore the awesome and addictive world of RVing.

I suppose it would be appropriate to thank you with a cool retrospective video.  But I don’t have one of those, so you’ll have to settle for this vaguely “Soviet” picture of me with a muffler man (or is he a “front end man”?).

If you can identify where this picture was taken, let me know in the comments, and I’ll send the first one with the right answer a “Fit RV” pedometer!


Anyway, in all seriousness, “Thanks a Million”, and I can’t wait to see where the next million views will take us!