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Greetings all, we’ve had our new EKKO for about a week now.  We’ve confirmed that it’s the very first EKKO delivered to an end customer, so we’re rather proud about that.

We’ve been “heads down” working on a video project for Winnebago ever since we got our EKKO, but we finally broke away this past weekend to make a quick video tour and update.  Here You Go!!


And before I talk about the video, probably our biggest announcement is that we’ve named our new rig.  It’s:

Number One

That’s an obvious Star Trek reference, but we thought it fits.  And most importantly, it opens up lots of super lame jokes and puns and memes and ridiculous things I can say in videos.  I thought I’d list some here, but then I thought it might be more fun to let you sound off with them in the comments below.  Give it your best shot!  I’m sure I’ll be using them on YouTube for years.


As far as the video – we’ve got over. two. hours. of EKKO tours on YouTube already, so we just couldn’t go around opening cabinets and measuring them again.  Instead, we just hit the highlights – things that are different on our EKKO from those prototypes, pilots, and pre-production coaches we’ve seen before.  There were only about 8 or 9 things, so you’ll just have to watch the video to see them.

If you’re interested in picking up the Vanmade shades we show, you can find them here:

And… Before you ask, Stef’s super-cute dress is from Aventura Clothing.  She’s an ambassador for them, and this particular dress was a score.  Even I noticed it, and I don’t usually notice unless there are tools or wires involved, and Stef had neither.

That’s pretty much it for now.  You’ll hear us allude to some mods we have planned in the very near future.  Expect a video on some of those within a week!

Cheers!  (And don’t forget the Number One jokes!)