To Heck with the RVs, Come See …Us… in Pomona!!!

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Of all the RV shows in North America, the California RV Show in Pomona is hands-down no-contest our favorite. It’s not the biggest, nor is it even the closest to where we live, but yet still it’s the one that we most look forward to. Probably because it was our first of the big shows all those years ago. Since then we’ve made sure to attend it every year.




One of the great things about this show is that the manufacturers themselves show up. You’ll see the designers, engineers, CEO’s, product managers…it’s a great way to talk directly to the team that actually BUILT the rigs.





The Pomona show is coming up again very soonly…October 7th through 16th…and we’re glad for it. We’ll be there three days, from opening day on Friday through Sunday the 9th. If you’re planning on being at the show, we hope you’ll come swing by the Winnebago Class B display and say hi!



Fit RV readers who we met last year!

But museum-worthy photo opportunities are just one of the things you’ll see us doing at Pomona.  We’ll also be around answering questions about RV van camping in general, and Travatos in particular.  (I’ll also be discussing cat harness training with anyone who will listen.)



Hopefully you follow our Fit RV Facebook page (and the Winnebago Facebook page).  Because if you do, you might just be one of the first to see a brand new Class B van offering about to be released by Winnebago. I’m not supposed to say anything, but without saying anything I’ll just SAY…we might possibly be posting some live Facebook videos on that new super cool campervan. (Winnebago’s probably already making notes to never tell me anything secret again…)


James also has this half-baked idea he can sell some Travatos since the California RV sales license he got last year is still valid.  I’m not sure what Winnebago, or the local dealer will think about this plan. Perhaps they’ll put the kibosh on it, because, let’s face it, his sales record is a bit unimpressive. He sold NOTHING last year. So if you DO come visit us and you happen to be in the market, you’re warned. Maybe avoid him and come say hi to me. I’m the nicer one anyways, and promise not to try to sell you a thing.

James here – hijacking Stef’s post for a minute.  Don’t believe a word she says about my RV salesman skills.  I am an AWESOME RV Salesperson.  You should hear me do my “local TV RV Salesman Commercial” impression…


I’ll even yell and rip up signs with prices on them.  It’s classic!
Plus, I actually do know a thing or two about Winnebago Class B models…




And stay tuned, because our NEXT show after that will be the industry-only RVIA show in Louisville. We can’t wait to see what new rigs and products are being released. Perhaps we’ll snag some big exciting scoop like last year’s Hymer interview!




And finally, if you’re in the area, and you’ll have your mountain bike, come join us for a mountain bike ride Saturday night after the show at the nearby park!  Depending on who shows up, you can either ride with James (who will likely try to kill you), or with me (if you prefer your fun with less death).  We haven’t picked out an exact meeting place or time yet, but it will be sometime Saturday post-show.  Sound off below if you’re interested and we’ll work it out!



After 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and the University level in Special Physical Education, Stef made the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach specializing in seniors, medical conditions, and injuries. Stef loves running, cycling, and being “Mugga” to her two favorite mini-humans — Punky and Marshmallow. ❤️

    21 thoughts on “To Heck with the RVs, Come See …Us… in Pomona!!!

    1. Ray Fleeman

      James, we have a 2016 (new)TRAVATO. Have drained water tanks to winterize but plan on using unit and wonder if we will damage the water heater without having a load of water?
      THANKS, Ray

    2. Ted

      When you come to Pomona I highly recommend visiting one of the Frys Electronics stores in the area. In the South they have Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas for sportsmen. Frys Electronics is the equivalent for electronics geeks with stores the size of two football fields. If James goes there don’t count on him emerging for daylight for at least 3 hours.

      The closest ones to Pomona are in the City of Industry and Anaheim

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Troublemaker Ted, if I have to stand in an electronics store for 3 hours I will shoot myself in the foot and blame you.

        1. Ted

          Maybe you can drop him off and go check out the Trikke Shop in LA.

          Here are a couple epic Trikke videos

          Looks easy, but it isn’t. It’s a total blast to slalom downhill, but it takes enormous effort and coordination to go uphill. Monster abdominal and thigh workout. I bought myself a T78cs and a T67cs for my brother’s kids. I heard they fight over who gets to ride it.

    3. Jenn

      Oh wow, I’m going to be in the LA area that weekend and would love to come out to the show, and meet you guys too! I’ve been following your blog for a bit and I always tell me friends about how you *can* be cool and have an RV. 😉

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Awww, Jenn, you’re way too kind to call us “cool.” My daughter will get a good chuckle out of it, at least (she tries in vain to give us cool lessons). How fun you’ll be in LA! We will be doing a formal Meet and Greet event (with SNACKS!!!) at 2pm on Saturday October 8th. Lots of our readers interact with each other so thought it would be fun to pull everyone together at the same time. But we are there all 3 days so if that doesn’t work, come when you can!

    4. Dennis

      Plan on being there with my wife for the show and ride. Live in San Clemente so it’s a short drive. Will bring our Travato (aka K00K Mobile). Can’t wait to share modifications. Lol. Actually, too bad Pomona’s not a little closer. Forty miles of some of the most fun singletrack around, right here in San Clemente.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Nice, Dennis! Excited to meet up. We’ll be in the Winnebago Class B booth all day so you’ll have no trouble finding us! Yeah, I’ve got no clue what those Pomona trails will be like, but even if they’re not ideal, it’ll still be nice to roll around after a day of standing around. So yes! Bring the bikes!

    5. Ted

      Sorry to spoil your scoop, but a Canadian RV dealer prematurely leaked details for the new Winnie B-Van a few weeks ago. Since then the forums have been masticating on small tidbits released from various sources. This is the latest:

      Now everybody wants the full Stef & James review to come out… Go FitRV!

      I hope this year you guys get the chance to explore a little bit more of Kentucky. We drove through there this summer and had fun visiting the caves and poking around the distilleries.

      Maybe I’ll see you at Pomona since I’m on the West Coast now.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Well that’s a relief. We did a walk-through of the Paseo this summer and it’s taken ALL MY WILLPOWER not to get online and tell the world about it. I’m terrible with secrets, it’s genetic…blame my mother. And Ted it would be so great to meet you in person, hope you’ll try to hit the show!

    6. Rex Korden

      I just bought a bunch more of Winnebago stock, have held it for a while now and doing very well. You go Jim! Stef! how do you put up with him?

    7. Andy & Kim

      If it’s under 100 we’ll see you there.
      If Mel is along, we’ll give him a few pointers on how to assume control of the kitty condo on wheels!

      Andy & Kim
      Writing you from the Bennington Campground deep in the heart of the Humbolt Redwoods.State Park.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Oh yay, you two! And did you see whose photo I chose above when looking for reader pics from Pomona last year?! Hope you’re loving your current trip! We’re in Washington at the moment, about to slowly make our way down the coast to the show over the next couple weeks. No Mel this trip, he’s still an RV-cat-in-training.

    8. Amar

      Hi guys, I love your blogs and videos. They are quite informative. And you guys are a cool couple. Keep up the good work

      I, along with a friend of mine, want to do full time rv’ing for a few years, so are looking for a good RV. We are corporate Consultants, so can work remotely.

      I would so very much appreciate if you guys can spare a few moments for me and steer in the right direction. If possible would fly to LA for the auto show, if you guys think it will be worth the trip, as I live in VA.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Hi Amar! James has an awesome thorough post for newbies like you who are just starting the search process. I suggest you start with these 8 steps: I wouldn’t worry about flying cross-country for a show just yet. There are shows all over the country, maybe start with something closer to home, especially since you’re a few years out from buying. Hope this helps and best of luck!

    9. Ed

      I hope to be able to make it there and meet you both, and James, with your outstanding sales record, I hope you’re ready to make some great deals!!!


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