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Friends! Please celebrate with us!

Our YouTube channel just turned over 100,000 subscribers! YouTube sent us their coveted Silver Play Button plaque to commemorate it. Check it out in this vid!


Those of you who follow us know we don’t post often to YouTube, one or two a month usually, so it’s been a slow road to get to 100k subscribers. James refers to us sometimes as the ‘O.G.’ RV-YouTubers, because we were some of the first doing it before it was cool! I’m not sure I like that reference though, makes me feel old, lol.

Anyways, here’s what I really wanted to say when I sat down to share this:  Thanks to YOU for being part of our journey and all your support & love! Putting ourselves out there can be such an emotional whirlwind, and sometimes people aren’t so nice. If it weren’t for the kindness our supportive followers give back to us, we wouldn’t still be here. I’m so grateful for you!

Stay tuned, and believe this— the best is yet to come! (…for us AND for you.)

❤️Stef (and James & Mel!)